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    Why sealed indictment? Let's see if the sheriff gives any specifics this time..

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    Quote Originally Posted by harlanky View Post
    I saw this also. This is interesting because the family's Pastor said a bit ago that the family doesn't know any more than the general public. Hard to imagine being the family friend who agreed to speak not knowing what it is that you're going to be saying or even speaking about. God help him or her. Not an easy task.

    If it's true that the family doesn't know anything more than we do (which I have no reason to doubt their Pastor) that seems very strange and somewhat sad. Surely if there was evidence discovered about their daughter being gone they would've alerted the family and not leave them hanging like this. This isn't a reality show finale for heaven's sake. I hope that they know something.
    I would like to think, living in the Great State OF Tennessee that our Law Enforcement Officials has said to them, We Are Close and tho we can't tell you...I have the feeling the family knows....what they need to know at this time, with the understanding they will know more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bravo View Post
    I scrubbed a door. Sigh........the waiting......off to find something else mundane
    I am cooking my meal for supper but I keep coming back here to my office to read the updates.

    I am on pins and needles.

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    doors closing here.. move on over

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