NBC10.com - News - Local Towns' Silly Laws Keep Visitors On Toes

... For example, the train hasn't come through Avalon, N.J., in nearly 70 years. But a local ordinance prohibits sounding a steam whistle, even if it's only on a stationary boiler.

Meanwhile, keeping a lion or tiger as a pet is against the law in Stone Harbor, N.J. And engaging in palm reading or other occult practices for money is a no-no in Sea Isle City, as well as boiling bones.

Stone Harbor also bans leather tanneries and ore-smelting facilities, two rather unlikely candidates to set up shop in today's booming housing market.

And Delaware's Rehoboth Beach demands that no person whisper in church and that alcohol isn't served in nightclubs if dancing is occurring at the same time.

So as a public service, NBC10.com has put together a "true-false" quiz for viewers, so you can learn which laws you need to observe - and which are purely fictional...