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    Slain woman's family angry over punishment for 911 sergeant who botched call
    12:25 a.m. CDT August 29, 2014
    News 8 has obtained an audio recording from the disciplinary hearing of the 911 call center sergeant who bungled an emergency call regarding D'Lisa Kelley, who was found murdered seven days later.

    Mansell received a one-day suspension for failing to properly process a 911 emergency call sheet.
    more at link

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    Tapes raise new questions in unsolved murder case


    About 40 minutes after leaving her grandmother's house last March, D'Lisa Kelley made an apparently accidental call to her sister.

    "All she could hear was Lisa screaming,"
    Newly-released police recordings ó including the 911 call ó don't answer the question of whether D'Lisa Kelley's life could have been saved. They do, however, shed new light on a police supervisor's decision not to send officers to investigate her disappearance.
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    I would like to help

    I was looking at cold cases in Dallas and I came across D'Lisa case and wanting to know if anyone knows who the person she was in the 1986 mercury ? if there is any family on here I would like to help solve this case and give you closure so if you could emailme at longmsyd@gmail.com

    Quote Originally Posted by Jacie Estes View Post

    D'Lisa's sister is now a friend on my FB page and this is from FB:

    AGE- 24
    BORN-JULY 24, 1989
    HEIGHT- 5'4
    WEIGHT- 120lbs

    My sister D'Lisa was last seen wearing a pair of leopard print tights, a long sleeve black shirt, and a blue jean(denim) vest. Her hair was up in a high bun. She has several tattoos. One on the right side of her neck that says DATANYA: the one on her chest says MARQUISE its connected to a vine that goes down her right side and has roses: a lion on her right thigh with the words LEO underneath: another on her hip, her stomach, both of her calf muscles, both forearms, DUNYAE on her hand, and praying hands holding a rosary on her back right shoulder. She was last seen leaving my grandma house (Oak Cliff area Sunnyvale and Overton) on her way to her best friends wake March 7,2014 about 5:30pm she never made it. At 6:45pm my sister Jasmine received a call from Lisa and she was in the background screaming for her life saying " STOP! STOP! GET OFF ME!" A man's voice was heard saying "SHUT UP! STOP SCREAMING! YOU WANT TO BE HARDHEADED! The call lasted for 1minute 11seconds. After the call was disconnected my sister Jasmine attempt to call back several times, there was no answer. At 6:51pm she received a text from Lisa which stated l, "CALL YOU IN A MINUTE."

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