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    SC deputy cried after shooting 70-year-old man

    The South Carolina deputy who shot a 70-year-old man during a traffic stop after mistaking his cane for a shotgun during an after-dark traffic stop broke down in tears as other officers arrived, according to dashcam video released Wednesday.


    Canipe gets out of the pickup and turns toward the bed without acknowledging Knox as the deputy yells "Sir!" three times. Canipe reaches in the back and pulls out a slender object with the tip pointed at the officer. Knox yells "Whoa!" several times as he fires a half-dozen shots.

    "It's a walking stick," Canipe said as the shots ended.

    Knox shouted an expletive as he immediately ran to check on Canipe, who was hit once and expected to recover. The whole sequence takes about 15 seconds.

    Knox begins to sob when another officer arrives a few minutes later and puts his arm around him.

    "I promise to God I thought it was a shotgun," Knox said in tears.


    Canipe has been released from the hospital, the sheriff said. His deputy has also been offered counseling.


    When an ambulance arrived for Canipe, Knox breaks down even more, saying over and over again "why did he have to get out of the car?"


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    You don't get out of the car without being asked when you get pulled over.
    You don't pull your cane out of the back without talking to the Deputy.

    This is horrible. I feel awful for this Deputy.
    If this man had died I fear the Deputy would not have forgiven himself.
    So grateful they are both okay physically, hopefully the Deputy will recover emotionally.

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