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    Australia - Melbourne, AsianFem, on two levels of car park, Mar'14

    This story is so jarring to me:

    First, can't imagine the images forever engrained on the minds of the cleaner and manager, especially

    A woman's body has been found in two pieces on two separate floors of a hotel car park in Australia.

    Police were called to the Bayview On The Park Hotel in Melbourne after a cleaner found the lower half of the woman's body in the ground-floor car park at about 5am this morning.

    The woman's upper body was then discovered on the first-floor car park.
    But I'm utterly dumbfounded about this!

    A Victoria Police spokesperson said there appeared to be no suspicious circumstances surrounding the woman's death.
    So she killed herself AND cut herself in half AND got half her body on an entirely different floor?

    Seriously, how could that even remotely be possible?!

    And if it wasn't suicide isn't natural death the only thing that would not be considered lacking suspicious circumstances? So again, imagine she's dying of something (I don't think that, just making up a scenario) again, how would she get her body on two entirely different levels?!

    Hope I never need Victorian Police investigating something for me if they don't think this immediately falls into the "highly suspicious" category!

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    That is disturbing, maybe she jumped and slipped on something that cut her in half? The news just gets more shocking every day.

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    This is just so bizarre....

    It is believed the body was severed during a fall.


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    She must have jumped from the hotel (much higher) & landed over on the parking garage. There is a narrow alleyway between the buildings.

    Google Earth:
    52 Queens Road, Melbourne
    VIC 3004, Australia

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    What could she possibly have landed in to cut her body in 2? I can't imagine it would happen easily?
    How awful for those that found her
    L K out L K out, there are catterpillars about!

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    How awful! But the fact that there is contact info for a suicide prevention hotline makes it pretty clear what they think.
    Six-year-old Shannon Sherrill disappeared from her front yard in Thorntown, Indiana in October, 1986. Someone knows where she is......


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