Found some sites that seem to still get updated with current info and whatnot. Also thought some of these can help rule out some UID's that were part of the 'family' at once point (if they're still alive, they can't be a UID). - Kind of a goldmine of info and photos. - Where are Manson's Children Now? - Information regarding his biological children, wives, and some other Manson "family" members. - I was kind of shocked to see this to be honest. This is really a Where are they now? blog. It has modern/recent photos of Manson "family" members. It's been going since 2010 it looks like. I can't tell if it's ran by an ex-family member or if it's someone else with no connections to them. I don't know how they're getting the photos. I think some are found by them, some other people direct them towards. There's one in there for Stephanie Schram that her own daughter sent in the photo.

Here's a list of people with photos directly linked on the main pages:
Larry Bailey
Catherine Share
Mary Brunner
Kitty Lutesinger
Catherine Gillies
Nancy Pitman
Sandy Good
Chuck Lovett
Ella Jo Bailey
Danny DeCarlo
Vern Plumlee
Linda Kasabian
Steve Grogan
Stephanie Schram

There are also a ton of names further down the page on the right in the 'Labels' section.