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    Chris Wolf Chat Log

    Thanks to the incredible Timex for organizing a great chat with Chris Wolf.

    Scroll for the Chris Wolf chat log.
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    Transcripts from the Chris Wolf chat...6/5/05

    [16:59] <Tricia> Ok everyone. Chris Wolf is here and is willing to talk to us about what happened in the Ramsey case. I am going to ask Chris to make an opening statement then have Timex explain how we will ask questions
    [17:01] <Tricia> Chris is typing my friends
    [17:01] * Timex nods
    [17:01] <WindChime> :-)
    [17:02] <Timex> chris..dont type too much at once..it wont go thru
    [17:02] <chris> Hello everyone. I'm still trying to decide whether this should be the magnanimous Chris or the pit bull Chris for the purposes of this forum. I guess I can start by saying that it doesn't take a Supreme Court Justice (say, Earl Warren) to know that the Ramsey murder case is a textbook example of an American coverup. Anyway, I'm looking forward to chatting.
    [17:03] <Timex> thanks chris
    [17:03] <Tricia> Timex can you explain how people can ask questions?
    [17:03] <WindChime> Thank you very much Chris for coming and being with us.
    [17:04] <Timex> to ask a question of chris, double click on either Tricia or my names
    [17:04] <Timex> that will bring up a new window
    [17:04] <Timex> you type your question in that window, and it will be sent on to chris
    [17:04] <Timex> we do this so he doesnt get 20 questions at the same time
    [17:05] <Timex> soooo....if you have a question...now's your chance
    [17:06] <Tricia> ACR wants to know
    [17:06] <Tricia> Who collected your Clothes you wore the nite of the killer
    [17:07] <Tricia> The clothes your girlfriend said was evidence
    [17:09] <chris> I don't know if they were ever "collected." There were things going on in Jackie's house, where I lived, with her and the police, attorneys and reporters, that I am unaware of.
    [17:09] <Tricia> Did you know Santa McRenyolds before the crime? IF so in what capacity?
    [17:11] <chris> I talked to him one time, while he was teaching a class at U of Colorado. I stuck my head in the door at the rear of the classroom, asked him a question, then left. He was never my advisor and I never talked to him other than that single time.
    [17:12] <Tricia> Boise wants to know how to you explain the Wolf vs Ramsey case decision

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    Transcripts from the Chris Wolf chat...6/5/05

    [17:15] <chris> Re: decision by Judge Carnes in Atlanta: I am no attorney, but I find it unconscionable on its face that a federal judge would render a decision on a case so directly related to the unsolved murder of a six-year-old girl without the benefit of the voluminous pages of police investigatory files. So, it looks like a set-up.
    [17:16] <Tricia> A set up? Please explain and remember not to type too huge a message or it won't show up. Thanks
    [17:21] <chris> A set-up, sure. Everyone involved in that case (Wolf v Ramsey) knew what was at stake and how things could, should and would play out. They didn't have to put their heads together in a smoke-filled room and decide who would do what and when. Obviously, I'm alluding to some degree of inside knowledge on my attorney's part, and that happens all the time. And Judge Carnes just decided to go along with it, a major cop-out.
    [17:22] <chris> Re: Darnay Hoffman: I think Darnay used me, but he had a heart about it.
    [17:23] <Tricia> OMG There is the "D" Word LOL
    [17:23] <Tricia> So you feel that Wood and Carnes spoke about the case before the case and set things up
    [17:27] <chris> I don't have any knowledge about that. But, like I said, both of them knew exactly what the results of their actions, in terms of motions, etc., would be. And they wouldn't have had to have spoken. Others, intermediaries, could have.
    [17:28] <Tricia> Did you know the ramseys before the case and if so did you ever see Patsy get angry of "Explode" if you will
    [17:28] <Tricia> If anyone wants to ask a question just click on my name or Timex and the PM box will come up.
    [17:34] <Timex> you still with us chris?
    [17:34] <chris> I did not know the Ramseys at all. People on the side of chaos, money and power have tried to make a big deal of the fact that I wrote a business profile story on Acess Graphics for a local newspaper some time in the year or two before the murder of JBR. I wrote those stories two, three, four times per month on a freelance basis, and they always went in one ear and out the other. It was actually a story about local companies contrac
    [17:36] <chris> It was actually a story about local companies contracting for work at the new Denver Int. Airport (so it was probably longer than 2 years before the murder). And I certainly never spoke to John Ramsey.
    [17:38] <chris> To this day, I have never researched that story. The last time I read it was when I proofread it before sending it to my editor.
    [17:38] <Tricia> Who was Mr. Stratbuckner and why did he quit the case.
    [17:38] <chris> I have never heard of Mr. Stratbuckner
    [17:39] <Tricia> Stratbucker
    [17:40] <Tricia> Ok. Why did the judge disallow your handwriting expert and disallow the handwriting altogether
    [17:44] <Tricia> Friends if you have more questions get them to me now ok?
    [17:46] <chris> There was a whole lot of legal wrangling over the handwriting issue. Not surprising since everyone knew and knows that the "ransom note" is the most compelling piece of evidence in the murder case. One of our experts quit (Richard Williams, I believe) and Darnay told me Williams explanation for quitting the case was because "I gotta be me." And judge Carnes tossed out testimony of one of the world's most highly credentialed doc. exa
    [17:50] <chris> And Judge Carnes tossed out testimony from one of the world's most highly credentialed doc. examiners, Gideon Epstein, who worked with the United States prosecutors in the Nueremburg Trials and taught handwriting analysis to the FBI, because Epstein claimed to have "100 percent certainty" that Patsy wrote the note.
    [17:51] <Tricia> WOW. Because Epstein was 100 percent sure as opposed to 99 percent sure she tossed him. Why didn't darnay get another expert? Or did the judge disallow all handwriting experts.
    [17:54] <chris> I really couldn't recount the whole series of decisions that resulted in my case being dismantled, but suffice to say that it was before it ever got into the judges hands. That's not to say she did not have a role in the dismantling. She did.

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    Transcripts from the Chris Wolf chat...6/5/05

    [17:54] <Tricia> Have you considered filing a suit based on ineffective counsel?
    [17:56] <Tricia> Were you personally at all the depositions? If so how did theRamseys strike you?
    [17:57] <chris> I did consider it. But for two or three reasons I never pursued it. One: I was happy to have the whole thing over with. Two: I didn't have any attorney coming to me offering to take THAT case on contingency. And, I guess most importantly, like I said, Darnay was an important ally of mine and I kind of liked him. Sorry.
    [18:02] <chris> I was not at all depositions. I was not at the Ramsey's depositions. But Mr. Ramsey was at mine. I have never in my life laid eyes upon Mrs. Ramsey. The only deposition besides my own that I attended was that of Lou Smit. You can't believe what a bunch of cronies that was. Ollie Gray. What a charade! Re: Mr. Ramsey. He struck me as shorter, stockier and seriouser (sic) than I imagined.
    [18:02] <Tricia> Darnay. Do you think Darnay did a good job for you or do you think he screwed things up Let's put it this way Would you suggest using Darnay Hoffman to someone you cared about?
    [18:05] <chris> I think Darnay did a good job of coming out a winner by losing a court case. But like I said, he tried his best to help me along the way. AND, just the very fact of me having a case in court helped me I can only assume immensely regardless of the eventual outcome.
    [18:06] <Tricia> Let's go back to the beginning. The night of the 25/26th, the night of the murder. Where were you and did you come home with mud on your clothes
    [18:10] <chris> I was at Jackie's house, where I lived. The first time I was asked about my whereabouts that night was what...three, four weeks after the murder, when the police first dragged me in off the street in violation of my rights against unlawful search and seizure. I could barely remember then, if I may have gone for a drive in the canyon, as I liked to dod and did frequently. If I did, however, it was early evening or even late afternoon
    [18:13] <chris> And as for the night, I was in bed early, approx. 9:30-10 pm, since I was tired because we had drank and partied the night before (Christmas Eve).
    [18:13] <Tricia> Were your clothes muddy that night? If so why?
    [18:17] <chris> Probably not. If they were it may have been because I had looked under one of the cars in Jackie's gravel/dirt driveway. I remember looking under a car, I don't know whose car or why, and I don't remember what day, before or after the murder. Mainly, my clothes were probably not muddy. When my clothes get muddy, I wash them.
    [18:17] <Tricia> A bit of confusion here I want to clear up. So the night of the 25th and early morning hours of the 26th you were out driving?
    [18:17] <Tricia> This was the time of the murder
    [18:19] <chris> NO. During the night I was asleep in bed. I may have been driving early in the evening or even late afternoon. I went to sleep approx. 9:30-10 pm and did not wake up or get up or go out until the next morning (daylight), the 26th.
    [18:20] <Tricia> Let's move on. Your ex. Jackie. First question.RR wants to know Did she have any connection to West Virginia and Patsy Ramsey?
    [18:22] <chris> No. But she was a great shmoozer, and I don't doubt for a second that she could connect with Patsy or I guess the story goes, with Pam (is it?), especially since she was offering a suspect to people who were in desperated need of a suspect. I can just image that duo of drama queens.
    [18:23] <Tricia> Why did she do this? You were at home sleeping yet she said you came in muddy and agitated. Then she continued to tell the police all kinds of stories about you. WHY?
    [18:29] <chris> "Agitated" was when I was watching Mr/Mrs Ramsey on CNN ("We're just trying to get on with our lives.") the week after the murder. "Muddy," she just plain made up. And the stories to the police, I believe were a composite of truth (I was in the process of leaving her, I'm not in any way proud to admit) and her over-active imagination, in which she confused herself, as a sexually abused child who grew into an adult whose most arousin
    [18:30] <chris> ...whose most arousing sexual fantasy involved herself being murdered.
    [18:30] <Tricia> OMG? What the hell? YIKES
    [18:31] <Timex> good lawd
    [18:31] <Tricia> Did the police know this?
    [18:32] <chris> I told some of them, I don't know who, I talked to so many.
    [18:32] <Tricia> WHOA. That is a mind blower. Anyway..moving on.
    [18:33] <Tricia> Steve Thomas and Ron Gosage interviewed you. According to Perfect Murder Perfect town things got a bt heated. Explain what happened in that interveiw and how you feel about it now
    [18:36] <chris> They were the first ones I talked to. They were the ones who made me aware that I was on their radar screen re: the JBR case. Before the two of them, that day -- what was it 3,4,5 weeks after the murder -- I was just another oridnary citizen watching the whole transparent cover-up play out.
    [18:36] <Tricia> More coming from Chris
    [18:37] <chris> They were under alot of pressure already. If it had been up to them (Thomas, at least) the Ramsey's would have been already arrested. They were interviewing my solely to satisfy the political considerations of Alex Hunter
    [18:39] <Tricia> more coming
    [18:42] <chris> And Alex Hunter, who failed utterly and completely in his role as a prosecutor (if not as a Freemason) was kowtowing to the corrupt and conspiratorial bent of his buddies, the Boulder insiders who befreinded the Ramseys because of their money: Michael Bynum, that other pillar of the community whose name escapes me, there's a long list.
    [18:43] <Tricia> more and more on the way folks
    [18:45] <chris> That is not to mention the corruption from within, such weak minded cowards like Trip DeMuth ("But what if the Ramseys didn't do it?"), Peter Hofstrom and Mary Keenan, who is a radical feminist and an utter flake.
    [18:45] <Tricia> Tell us how you really feel Chris. LOL
    [18:48] <chris> And as much as I appreciated Gov. Owens taking the Ramseys on in such a public way, he has really apparently given up now, too. I want to say that, for Alex Hunter and the rest of them to continue investigating my for years, when they knew full-well within one week who the prime suspects were is tantamount to an attempt to frame me (and others) for murder. That's serious.
    [18:49] <Tricia> Chris, Did you read Thomas' book? If so do you agree with it?
    [18:51] <chris> I skimmed it. I'm not a fast reader and it was a real burden to immerse myself in the case by reading about it. I don't know exactly what happened that night. But I know who does know what happened, and that is Mrs. and probably Mr. Ramsey, if not others, as well.
    [18:51] <Tricia> Back up. Weren't you cleared? you are not still considered a suspect are you?
    [18:55] <chris> What does "cleared" mean in this case. Former Bldr. Police Commander John Eller told me in Feb. '97: "We have no interest in you in this case." Det. Tom Wickman told me in Sept. '99, "You are not a suspect." But that doesn't stop Lin Wood and the rest of the cronies from spinning their own sick version of truth for anyone they can intimidate.
    [18:56] <Tricia> I think most of us agree with that statement. Just a few more questions.
    [18:57] <Tricia> What is the most shocking thing you learned about the Ramsey case that perhaps we don't know about
    [19:02] <chris> The whole thing has been such an education, unfortunate as it is. I don't know. I guess the contrast between such high-ranking police telling me I'm not a suspect yet then seeing a sychophant and lame-brain like Dan Glick actually saying I was a suspect in Newsweek. It's shocking.
    [19:03] <Tricia> Very True. Chris did you see the latest "Crock" by Michael Tracey? It claimed that no one was seriously looked at other than John and Patsy. That "they zeroed in on them" Do you agree? Also did you know that Olley Grey and Smit are partners in a business?
    [19:07] <chris> Oh, Michael Tracey, there's another one. Why can some people on God's Green Earth see the truth about things regardless of their own interests while others see the truth as only what is in their own interest? Michael Tracey is a disgrace. He was a married professor of Journalism carrying on affairs with his graduate students, one on whose committee he sat. He bends over backwards to see the point of view of the wealthy and powerful.
    [19:13] <chris> And who asked him anyway. He's been a professor of journalism for years before the Ramsey murder. Didn't he ever see an injustice that he wanted to defend until then? Is it just a coincidence that the poor victims he chose to defend in the name of journalism and good society happened to be multi-milloinaires?
    [19:13] <Tricia> Chris we could go on and on about the *******. Believe me. How he keeps his job is unknown to me.Quick yes or no. Do you know a woman named Mary McAuliffe?
    [19:14] <chris> That does not ring a bell.
    [19:15] <Tricia> Have you ever been harrassed by anyone from the internet or Ramsey groupies?
    [19:15] <chris> No.
    [19:15] <WindChime> I am so thankful to hear that Chris
    [19:15] <Tricia> Me too.
    [19:16] <Tricia> Chris has agreed to an open chat session
    [19:16] <Timex> ok..its open
    [19:16] <Tricia> Just ask your question one at a time please NO
    [19:16] <Tricia> NO
    [19:16] <Tricia> Not yet
    [19:16] <Tricia> LOL
    [19:16] <WindChime> LOL
    [19:16] <Tricia> StoOOOOP

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    Transcripts from the Chris Wolf chat...6/5/05

    [19:17] <Tricia> Anyway, Before we open it I have a couple of wrap up questions from the posters here.
    [19:17] <Tricia> Have you ever heard of nancy krebs or Mary suma
    [19:17] <Passion> hi Toby
    [19:17] <Tricia> Timex could you please close it again?
    [19:18] <chris> The name N. Krebs sounds familiar, but not M. Suma.
    [19:18] <Timex> it should be closed
    [19:18] <Tricia> I would ask everyone not to post until we are totallly done with the moderated chat
    [19:18] <Tricia> Ok. Finally triple question.
    [19:18] <Tricia> How are you doing? How did this Ramsey stuff effect your life? What are you doing now?
    [19:21] <chris> I'm doing fine. It has been a long climb back. I had to change careers at age 36-37. But I actually had some great experiences in the process of getting my life back together. And I don't think I ever could have without the love and support of my parents and others who cared about me. Yes, they gave me money.
    [19:22] <Tricia> Chris we are all glad to hear Team Ramsey did not destroy you. Just the opposite.
    [19:22] <Tricia> Ok before we open it up Chris, I want to say thank you so much. You are such a sweetheart to do this for us.
    [19:23] <Timex> ok..ready for it to open?
    [19:23] <chris> Thanks Tricia and any and all others who saw the truth about a great injustice of the real-world kind.
    [19:23] <Tricia> Just one second. Chris is typing something else. By the way I am on the phone with him. I can hear him typing. LOL
    [19:23] <Tricia> Thanks Chris
    [19:23] <Tricia> We appreciate it.
    [19:24] <Tricia> Ok everyone. Ask your questions one at a time ok? Timex...OPEN THE CHAT AND RUN FOR YOUR LIFE...AWWWWWW
    [19:24] <Timex> lol
    [19:24] <WindChime> Chris thank you alot of people don't realize how one's life can be destoryed in our legal system on just hearsay.
    [19:24] <amraann> lol
    [19:24] <Timex> ok...its open
    [19:24] <sharon25> Chris, First let me say thank you for taking the time to chat with us. I just wanted to know if you have sued Newsweek for libel for the article that they ran in 1997 (I believe)?
    [19:24] <RiverRat> I am sorry that we seem to be the only ones left concerned.
    [19:24] <ACandyRose> Thank you so much Chris for coming here and sharing with us
    [19:25] <ACandyRose> Are you planning on writing a book on your story?
    [19:25] <Thor> Thanks Chris, I always thought you got a raw deal
    [19:25] <Florida> Thank you Chris for your time spent with us.
    [19:25] <Tricia> He's typing.lol
    [19:25] <sharon25>
    [19:26] <driver> Chris, does Alex Hunter still live in Boulder?
    [19:26] <Tricia> driver I know that. Yes he does.
    [19:26] <Tricia> He's typing.....he's typing...he's typing
    [19:27] <Florida> short, sweet answers chris, lol
    [19:27] <WindChime> Tricia thank you and Timex for making it possible to be able to talk with Chris.
    [19:27] <Sabrina> 10Chris, thanks for coming,and I am sorry that you were in the wrong place at the wrong time and had to go through all of this.
    [19:27] <Tricia> Hey, timex did all the work. ACR I'll make sure he sees the book thing
    [19:27] <chris> I haven't sued newsweek. That's expensive and it's a high burden of proof with the press. It's good enough to know from first-hand experience how pathetic and corrupt the mainstream press can be when the chips are down and their powerful buddies are in peril. For the record, The New York Times wrote only fair and accurate reports about my case.
    [19:27] <WindChime> This is better then court tv live chat :-)
    [19:28] <Geno> timex does a good job w/IRC chat. no doubt
    [19:28] <WindChime> :-) Yes Timex is one of a kind she is so precious ..
    [19:28] <Tricia> Chris, in case you missed it everyone is sending their thanks and their feelings about what you went through. Many people still think of you and the raw deal you got
    [19:28] <Sabrina> 10Do you know why Tracey no longer has a column in the Rocky Mountain News?
    [19:28] <amraann> Chris thank you for answering all of our questions
    [19:29] <sharon25> Chris, I understand. I wish you and your family well! Thank you! Goodnight.
    [19:29] <Boise> Why do you think the NY Times got it right?
    [19:30] <koldkase> Chris, do you still have any relationship with Jackie? I know sexual abuse survivors can be trail by fire. And thanks for sharing with us.
    [19:30] <koldkase> (oops, trial by fire)
    [19:31] <chris> I don't know why. But I would be interested to find out. The Rocky Mountain News is a paper that I guess I gained respect for throughout the Ramsey case, almost entirely because of Charlie Brennan's accurate and COMPLETE reporting, and because publisher John Temple is actually a pretty good guy.
    [19:31] <Tricia> ACR wanted to know if you are going to write a book. Why do you think the NY Times got it right?
    [19:32] <Tricia> He's typing...he's typing...he's typing....
    [19:32] <WindChime> lol Poor guy
    [19:32] <Sabrina> 10Seems like Tracey got "dropped" right after the latest crock came out. It could be a coincidence or something different, but it was shortly after that he no longer had the column. Can't seem to find out what happened.
    [19:32] <amraann> Chris don't worry we spend days here typing .... no rush
    [19:32] <Tricia> Whoops. I lost Chris on the phone. Chris. I'll call you back ok?
    [19:33] <chris> The Tracey crockumentary didn't come close to meeting the most basic standards of journalism.
    [19:33] <Sabrina> 10I don't know if you read all the threads, but the original crock that aired in UK named a friend of Helgoth's as the prime suspect. They said he was "on the run" and Tricia found him in 5 minutse with a Google search
    [19:33] <Tricia> Chris. Check your phone. I get your answering machine
    [19:34] <Tricia> Sabreena. That was wild.
    [19:34] <amraann> I remember that
    [19:34] <Florida> Tricia, while Chris is typing, for those of us who didn't follow this as closely
    [19:34] <Tricia> Can't believe Tracey would be so ballsy as to name an innoncent man and lie about it
    [19:34] <Florida> perhaps you could catch us up how chris was involved?
    [19:34] <sharon25> http://thewebsafe.tripod.com/04132000wolfarticle-bw.htm
    [19:34] <sharon25> this was a good read
    [19:34] <amraann> at this point in time after nothing amazes me any more
    [19:34] <RiverRat> There should be a class action suit brought on by those pointed at by the Rams, fight fire with fire.
    [19:35] <Sabrina> 10I am amazed that Court TV and 48 Hours would fall for Tracey's fraud, even though the crock was entirely edited when it aired in the US. If Tricia did not expose this, it may have aired like this here
    [19:35] <Sabrina> 10Tricia, they did not anticipate that some internet sleuths would think to take the criminal record number they showed and trace it.
    [19:36] <ACandyRose> Chris, have you followed this case on the Internet since the beginning or just recently?
    [19:36] <Thor> coming up on 9 years since this happened, can't believe no one is arrested
    [19:36] <Tricia> There were others that did the work on that Sabrina. I just followed up. It was a real group effort
    [19:36] <Tricia> Hey guys. Chris is pooped out. He is going to write a closing statement for us all ok?
    [19:36] <amraann>
    [19:37] <Tricia> Thor. I CAN'T BELIEVE IT
    [19:37] <Boise>
    [19:37] <Boise> :P
    [19:37] <Boise>
    [19:37] <Sabrina> 10OK, One more question- can Chris tell us what he is doing now?
    [19:37] <Boise>
    [19:37] <amraann> I just want to say I hope you will visit again Chris
    [19:37] <koldkase> I imagine Chris has spent all the time with lawyers he will ever want to.
    [19:37] <Thor> nauseating beyond belief, lol
    [19:37] <Boise> The blue face was the one I wanted to use.
    [19:37] <RiverRat> good one
    [19:37] * Sabrina gives you a 9,4kiss.
    [19:38] * Sabrina gives you a 9,4hug.
    [19:38] <Tricia> he's typing...he's typing...he's typing
    [19:38] * RiverRat gives you a 9,4hug.
    [19:38] <koldkase> I imagine Sabrina is distracting him with all that hugging and kissing
    [19:38] <chris> Hi A Candy Rose! Yes I have followed developments (and lack thereof) of the case on the internet since maybe a year or so after the murder. The first site I used to check often was Mrs. Bradys. I forget what else. But for three or four years, I guess, I've been aware of Forums for Justice.
    [19:38] * RiverRat will BRB
    [19:38] <koldkase> oh, there's goes RiverRat
    [19:38] <Tricia> LOL
    [19:39] <WindChime> Chris we truly hope that you come back in the near future and join in chat with us again.
    [19:40] <chris> Thanks so much everyone. I don't know what else to say. Thanks. We'll chat again.
    [19:40] <Tricia> Take care Chris.
    [19:40] <WindChime> :-) (((((HuGz))))) take care
    [19:40] <amraann> Bye
    [19:40] <Timex> good night chris

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    Fantastic chat, everyone, I am so sorry I had to miss it, since I had planned for three weeks to be there.

    It's good to see that we've been right all along about Hunter, Smit, Wood, Keenan, Tracey, and all the other cronies. Chris's take on Carnes is very interesting. Can anyone spell C O R R U P T I O N?

    Thanks to Chris, Tricia, and Windchime for their time and efforts on this chat. It was all very worthwhile.
    All posts are my constitutionally-protected opinion.

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    One Wolf expert said 100% on who wrote note.

    Thanks to those who made the intervew come about.

    The info at 17:46 about the well known handwriting expert Gideon Epstein was very interesting. He was reportedly dismissed by Judge Carnes when he reported "100% certainty" that PR wrote the note.

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    That was a great chat!

    Chris's girlfriend Jackie sounds as wacky as that Runaway Bride woman.

    Glad he's gotten his life back on track. What a nightmare to be falsely accused in such a high-profile case.

    Some day I hope Michael Tracey and Alex Hunter get what they deserve--total ignominy.

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    I was out of town and couldn't be at the chat but I did read the transcription. I appreciate very much the opportunity to participate even though I could not. After reading, I have one question...

    Chris said what he did about not being involved with McReynolds in any way, yet it has been reported that CW visited him in the hospital. Does anyone know any more about that...was it an erroneous report?


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    Thanks to all that made this possible

    Sorry I missed it, but he didn't really tell us much more than we already knew. Some new info, but not much. I esp enjoyed reading this...

    [19:13] Tricia--Quick yes or no. Do you know a woman named Mary McAuliffe?
    [19:14]Chris-- That does not ring a bell.

    Looks like the prideful boasting about being involved has stopped........ For now.

    I see some blame for the Wolf case being tossed out is now twisted around into it being ST fault. It has nothing to do with Thomas IMO. It had to do with Hoffman and his incompetance at the way the suit was initially filed.
    Here it is.

    As for the corruption in Boulder....anyone here remember a parody labled "DA in Your Pocket"?

    And you all thought I was just poking fun.

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