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    CA - Jean Clinton Roeschlaub, 83, Glendale, 1 August 2006

    Jean Clinton Roeschlaub, 83, was murdered in her 16th floor penthouse condominium apartment at 222 Monterey Rd., Glendale, CA ‎on August 1 or August 2, 2006. (An apartment one floor lower is pictured here.) The cause of death was stabbing, and she was reported to have been found face down in her nightclothes. Her family was not permitted to view the body.

    Links: 1, 2, 3.

    There was no sign of forced entry, and nothing appeared to have been stolen. Investigators believe that either Ms. Roeschlaub or a staff member must have let the killer into the building and her unit, which was one of several on the 16th floor.

    At the time of her death, Ms. Roeschlaub was the co-owner of Clifton's Cafeteria, the famous restaurant chain which her parents Clifford and Nelda had founded in the 1930s.

    Donald Clinton, Ms. Roeschlaub's brother and co-owner of Clifton's, said that he spoke to her around noon on August 1. When she missed several appointments, her son Bruce C. Davis requested a welfare check from condominium staff, and her body was discovered around 3:15pm on August 2, 2006.

    A few years after Ms. Roeschlaub's death, the family sold off their interest in the remaining Clifton's Cafeteria branch on Broadway, which the new owner soon closed for an extended renovation.

    The crime seems to have been a cold case from the beginning, and despite a $20,000 reward offered by the Los Angeles County Supervisors, there has been no news about Ms. Roeschlaub's murder in several years. She was a respected businesswoman and philanthropist, from an important Southern California family, and it seems a great pity that she should have died so terribly, and that no one be held responsible.
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    It's weird that no one investigated the family. Not long after they sold the restaurant to an outside buyer which it seems was against her wishes. Also seems from basic research that some of the detectives in the case were connected to the family through extended meals on wheels businesses. Seems like whole thing was "brushed under the rug" . Very interesting case.

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    LA Times article

    This is from the LA Times August 2006

    Jean Clinton Roeschlaub, 83, was found about 3:15 p.m. Wednesday in her unit at Monterey Island Condominiums, near downtown Glendale, Glendale Police Officer John Balian said.

    Police have no leads in the case and minimal information to work with, but her death is not random, Balian said.
    "You can't get in [to her building] unless you have a key or unless a guard lets you in," he said.
    The Los Angeles County coroner's office said Friday that the case was on security hold and would not release any information.
    Condominium staff said they visited Roeschlaub's penthouse on the 16th floor at the request of her son.
    Donald Clinton, Roeschlaub's 79-year-old brother, who is co-owner of the cafeteria, confirmed Friday that Roeschlaub's 53-year-old son, Bruce C. Davis, asked the condominium management to check on his mother because she had missed several appointments.
    The door handle on Roeschlaub's condo was not tampered with, condominium staff said, and nothing appeared out of place in the 16th-floor hallway, which serves a handful of other residences.
    "We didn't get past the threshold," said the woman who found Roeschlaub; she declined to give her name. "I knew it was serious."
    Donald Clinton said that his sister had a pacemaker and that family members thought her death was from natural causes.
    He said police asked him if his sister had any enemies, but he could not think of any.
    Roeschlaub's parents, Clifford and Nelda Clinton, founded Clifton's Cafeteria in downtown Los Angeles in 1931 during the Depression.
    Customers became "guests," the company website said, and none were turned away hungry, even if they had no money.
    During one 90-day period, 10,000 people ate free before Clifford Clinton could open an emergency "Penny Cafeteria" a few blocks away to feed, for pennies, the 2 million who came during the next two years.
    At its height, there were seven Clifton's Cafeterias, with restaurants in Century City, Whittier, Lakewood, West Covina, Laguna Hills and downtown Los Angeles.
    But Donald Clinton said increasing rent and expiring leases closed all but the one at 648 S. Broadway in downtown Los Angeles.
    Roeschlaub was a weekly fixture in the family restaurant, where customers came Friday for dishes concocted from the hundreds of recipes collected in every corner of the kitchen.

    "It's a really clean place, a nice environment, and the food is good -- not greasy like other places," said Laura Rodriguez, 41, a 25-year patron of the restaurant who sat with her 19-year-old daughter, also named Laura.
    Associate Manager Alfred Garcia, 60, who worked with Roeschlaub for 40 years, said she came by once a week to scour menus and plates like a hawk, ready to pounce on anything that was less than perfect.
    But, he quickly added, the sharp woman always treated her employees like family.
    "She always used to say hi to everyone -- to the dishwasher, the cook. Everybody," he said. "She wasn't feeling good, but she looked good -- always well-dressed and elegant," he said.
    People described Roeschlaub as pretty and beautiful and said she wore tweed skirts and had her hair styled weekly.
    "She was very respected," said Monterey Island Condominium maintenance worker Marcio Carvalho. "Who is not surprised?
    "She was such a nice lady."

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