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    help find this man, who is in need of help after taking in his two grandsons

    A friend of a friend posted this to Facebook and it's touching and I thought needed to be shared.

    not sure where in the forums this belongs, mods please move if needed.

    UPDATED: this is a CBC news Facebook


    This picture and post has been shared by over 1,000 people since yesterday afternoon.

    Grace Aguilar, the founder of Ector County Angels is now asking the community to help find this man, who is in need of help after taking in his two grandsons.

    Grace says she wrote the wrong number down for him and hasn't been able to find him. ...See More
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    This is heartbreaking. I hope someone finds him and gets him somewhere so they can get the help they need. God bless him.
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    On ector county angels by grace says he has been found and groceries were given to him. Paraphrasing a comment.
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