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    Angry Elderly woman and granddaughter being terrorized by hacker through cable box.

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    so creepy! that !@#$%^&*!

    I've read about people remotely taking over computers and using the webcam to spy on people, also typing appearing on a person's computer screen, and then there's the creeps that hack into baby monitoring systems and kid's game systems and doing similar things.

    I wonder if the grandmother got video of it happening. I hope this doesn't turn out to be a case of someone in the house doing it - like hiding in the walls or even just a family member who's a psycho.

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    The comments under the first linked story are interesting. I have no idea if they are accurate.
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    It sounds like an inside job to me. And that makes it even creepier to me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ladydeadpool View Post
    Katie Couric had a show dedicated to the subject a few months back. It had to do with hackers into a computer webcam and watching everything going on in the room. Everyone should keep it covered.

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    Quote Originally Posted by popsicle View Post
    The comments under the first linked story are interesting. I have no idea if they are accurate.
    I agree with the comment about someone getting control of a webcam in the house and then the cable box. Every electronic device in our house, laptops, PCs and tablets, have a sticker over the webcam that can be removed when needed; access to webcam is at our choice and not a hacker.

    This GQ article will give some insight, scary insight, about hacker capabilities.


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