New member here, so please forgive any unintentional transgressions.

I have not scoured the entire site for this so it may have already been covered. If so, please direct me to the appropriate thread.

I have a legal question for those in the know...

I know that laws vary based on locale, but are there laws prohibiting the search of "cell ping" records?

Reading through several threads here, the abductee's cell pings have been used to determine their last known whereabouts. Assuming that the abductor(s) had an operating cell phone with them at the time, couldn't the various mobile carriers be asked to provide a list of other mobile devices that followed the same path as the abductee's phone?

Granted, with mobile devices being so ubiquitous, only scenarios where the abductee was moved from the point of abduction to an area miles away with their mobile device still operable, would produce any useful information.

As a result of 9/11/01, many surveillance programs have been instituted and have come under fire from a variety of privacy advocate groups. I value my privacy as much as anybody and would be furious if all of my info was turned over to the government by any company I have dealings with. But being a law abiding citizen, I don't see such a request as seeing all mobile devices that mimicked the movement of a missing person as a big violation of privacy; provided that it was only used to place potential POIs in the vicinity of the missing person.

Just curious if this has been used before to find POIs?