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    TX - Jennifer Servo, 23, Abilene, 16 September 2002


    "She was a news reporter in Abilene for three short months before she was murdered. 11 years ago Wednesday Jennifer Servo's body was found in her apartment at Hunter's Ridge."

    "Servo was found beaten, strangled and sexually assaulted."



    This woman deserves some justice.
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    From the CBS link above, Jennifer speaking of ex-boyfriend Ralph:

    "She did tell me one time that she did not like the way that he treated her when they were together intimately," Loren says. "That he wanted to strangle her while they were having sex and she did not like that."

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    New leads in Jennifer Servo case.
    Police aren't saying what the leads are.

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    Jennifer's mom maintains a beautiful website, Justice for Jennifer

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    I just wish they would just go for it and try Ralph Sepulveda. There is no doubt in anyone's mind he is the killer. All these years have gone by and he is still a free man. The case isn't getting better. It's time to try this guy and give Jennifer justice and her family some closure. A circumstantial case can be built and a jury can be convinced. He needs to spend the rest of his miserable life in prison or be executed for what he did. IF he is never indicted, I hope he is haunted every second of everyday for the rest of his miserable life of Jennifer's cries for her life. Such a tragic and sad case. I read the police are pursuing new leads recently and I'm not sure if this means new suspects because it's obvious Jennifer wouldn't have opened her door in the middle of the night to some stranger. The idea of new leads doesn't excite me because as far as I see it, Ralph Sepulveda is with out any doubt her killer. Still, I am glad they aren't giving up on getting justice for Jennifer.

    A link to Ralph Sepulveda's Facebook and an article with a couple shots of him.



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