Curtis Don Brown, a 46-year-old career criminal, was charged Wednesday with capital murder in the 1985 death of Terece Gregory, who disappeared after leaving a popular nightspot where she worked as a waitress. Police said she was sexually assaulted, shot once in the face and then dumped in the Trinity River.

Curtis Don Brown Lt. Dean Sullivan, a Fort Worth police spokesman, said that Mr. Brown's DNA is being compared to evidence collected in 15 other unsolved killings in 1984-86.

"He is a person of interest until we can eliminate him," Lt. Sullivan said.

Mr. Brown was convicted of capital murder in 1986 bludgeoning death of Jewel Woods, a 51-year-old nurse, while he was awaiting trial on an unrelated burglary charge.

In January, Fort Worth police received a possible match from the FBI's Combined DNA Index System. By May, authorities said that the match between Mr. Brown and evidence found on Ms. Gregory's body was a certainly, and detectives interviewed their suspect at the Wayne Scott Unit in Angleton.

Lt. Billy Cordell said that the department's cold case unit is trying to determine now whether blood, saliva and semen found on the clothes or bodies of the 15 other victims could provide a link to Mr. Brown. He said there are five other victims that detectives have investigated, but there was no DNA evidence available.