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    VA - Charlottesville, Male Skull UP6515, 22-36, brought home by dog, Apr'87

    NamUs UP # 6515 https://identifyus.org/en/cases/6515

    Unidentified Unknown Race Male Skull

    Found April 19, 1987 at 250 Ipswich Place, Charlottesville (Charlottesville County) Virginia

    Estimated age Adult - Pre 40 (approx 22-36 years old)
    Race Unsure

    Body conditions
    Not recognizable - Partial skeletal parts only
    Probable year of death 1985 or prior
    Estimated postmortem interval Years

    (None Indicated)
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    I noticed on Hazel Klug's thread that she was ruled out both in comparison to the Shoosmith Landfill Jane Doe, and to this skull (UP6515)

    I took a look at other missing women from the area and realized that Kimberly Britts seems to be an obvious potential comparison based on her Loc LKA being local to where the skull was found, and that Kimberly's Date LKA predates the discovery by two years.


    I sent an e-mail to Pamela Reed to inquire as to whether a comparison would be possible. She replied as follows:

    We would need a DNA comparison on those two to have an exclusion. Dentals don’t have much for comparison for the UP, too much post mortem loss, only a few teeth left and no mandible. VA OCME is in process of putting in all their samples for analysis through the state lab.

    I am working on getting DNA for Kimberly Britts and whenever that occurs, I will ask for a manual comparison.

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    Yesterday, I read an article that says that the family dog of the people living at 250 Ipswich brought the victim's skull to the yard(that had to have been terrifying for the homeowners).

    I also read that the teeth that ARE still left in the skull have considerable decay(maybe she was a runaway, a drug user, older than the age estimate, or just someone with genes for fragile teeth).

    I'm looking at Google Maps...there are a couple of small bodies of water in the area(Ivy Creek is the closest, but there are others that aren't labeled with their names). I wonder if anybody's searched them for more bones/effects?

    It might be worth mentioning that the house that the skull was brought to is worth almost half a million, and sits on over three acres of land. It's clearly a very nice, affluent area(it also looks very woodsy and secluded)...maybe someone with a lot of influence committed this murder?

    As soon as I find the article, I will post it. At the moment, I seem to be unable to bring it up again in a search, and my phone didn't save yesterday's browsing history.
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    They are now saying that this UID is MALE.


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