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    PA - Dale Wolf, 43, & Lynne Stansfield, 46, Perry County, 8 Dec 1993

    PA - Perry County - Newport - Dale Wolf 43, & Lynne Stansfield 46, - Double Murder - Dec 1993


    Recent Article From Survivor, And Law Enforcement Perspectives.

    Clue: Yellow, J.C. Penney 10 Speed Bicycle.

    PA State Police, Newport, at 717-567-3110.

    Too Long Without Answers.

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    Wow not a lot of info at all

    Here's a few questions I would ask

    Were they able to get any prints off the bike?

    Was there evidence of forced entry ?

    Was there any indication of sexual assault to either victim.. if it could be determined?

    My feelings,

    I feel this was someone who knew the victims

    I don't think the offender planned this homicide, he brought a bike, but forgot to take it with him. (I say him, from experience, and the fact it was a boys bike)

    I didn't see anywhere the victims were bound, as if robbery were the motive

    It seems more like something that went out of control.

    I believe they said a year later, they found Dales gun in a tree which they felt was the murder weapon, ..id seek to get ballistic tests done to see if it matched, the rounds taken from the victims,

    This seems to indicate prior knowledge, (somewhat intimate) of the presence of a gun if it is

    Lynne seems to have been the target , she suffered the most injuries, both stab wounds, and gunshot wounds, where as Dale was shot , I wouldn't doubt Dale was killed 1st

    It would be of note to see if the investigators felt she was sexually assaulted also, but I dont think so

    Id also be willing to bet the knife used in the crime came from their house as well.

    I think he was in a panic after the killing which explains setting a fire but forgetting his bike. He knew evidence was everywhere

    He would also had the victims blood (at least Lynne's) on him

    I think you are looking for a somewhat younger offender, possibly not old enough to drive, or someone with a suspended license, but someone angry with Lynne for some reason.

    Being handicapped, look for anyone who helped the victims out in terms of services (Ex cut the lawn etc..)

    Most likely went there for something and it spun out of control, which would explain him leaving his bike there and fleeing on foot .

    Post offensive behavior would be VERY evident with this offender, like, an obsessive interest in the case, changing appearance, maybe even suddenly moving elsewhere if had the ability .

    I also believe the Police have interviewed him already

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    Additional Gettysburg Times Article From 1999

    Additional Gettysburg Times Article From 1999


    The fire was reported at 1 A.M.

    The Anonymou$ Tip/Reward Line, 1-800-4PA-TIPS, I$ $till active.


    RichKelly, And Others, Let's Keep The Ball Rolling.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Richrd View Post
    Additional Gettysburg Times Article From 1999


    The fire was reported at 1 A.M.

    The Anonymous Tip Line, 1-800-4PA-TIPS, is still active.

    RichKelly, And Others, Let's Keep The Ball Rolling.
    Ahhh I hadn't noticed the times, posted anywhere , ok

    That's pretty vanilla as well, ... depending on how engulfed the house was, its tough to say what a time of death is.

    I'm going to assume an accelerant was used, but again something found in the residence

    Another possibility is an offender, under the influence of drugs or alcohol, especially given the time which I was unaware of in my earlier post...which could also explain the disorganization of the crime scene.

    Possibly Monday night football?? who knows (TAMPA BAY 24, Green Bay 22 )


    possibly a mentally handicapped offender

    The key is the bike, SOMEONE knows who that bike belongs to , its not like he traveled a great distance at night in December, on a bike .

    I still feel its someone younger who knew them. Someone who they would let in at a late hour, even if they were banging on their door, someone who wouldn't be considered odd to be out that hour , someone who had to use a bike as a means of transportation, for whatever reason.

    Its possible that the gun was brandished by one of the victims, as a means of warning, or possibly self defense, however it taken off them and used against them.

    In this case its possible the offender was armed with a knife which he brought

    (you can now see how minute details like time, can mean huge changes)

    I still believe Lynne was the target

    I still believe they knew the offender

    I still believe, he was younger

    I still believe the homicide wasn't planned,

    The post offensive behavior wouldn't change, but the likelihood he would move to another area, is much more likely with a slightly older offender

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