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    ...And now Steven Powell knows how it feels to have fear of those around you.


    However, I do not believe anybody is going to harm him other than tell him off from time to time.

    I am curious as to the life insurance issue. It seems the Powell family has to prove Susan died first so they can get the money. Steven may know for sure what happened to Susan and where her body is to prove it. But if he tells, it could put his freedom in jeopardy. He could go back to jail as accomplice to murder or some other related charge. But it is possible the life insurance money could then go to his surviving children and not the Coxes he so despises.

    What to do, what to do? Does he get the money for his kids and go back to jail? Or does he keep silent because his freedom is more precious to him? I predict he will choose to keep silent.

    And on another note, it is my personal opinion that none of the Powells should be eligible to receive one penny of the life insurance money--especially that from Susan's death. It is just plain wrong.
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    Just wow @ the comments!
    Unless I provide a link, every one of my posts are to be considered rumor, Speculation, or simply MY OWN OPINION.

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    Aww, what a heartwarming story. It does my heart good to know that he is despised, fearful and worried about what is going to happen to him at the hands of some vigilante.

    Karma baby! Reap what you sow! Steven chose a life of perversion, manipulating, stalking and abusing others. so he deserves sympathy when the consequences of his actions catch up with him.


    Cyrus C. convicted of 2004 arson in Harvey, La. that killed 4 people, including his 19-month-old daughter, his teenage girlfriend, the girlfriend's mom and GF's young brother (age 11). He was acquitted in 2008 (state charges) in 2008 and found GUILTY (federal charges) in 2013


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    Ironic isn't it? He doesn't want cameras in the courtroom because he's afraid of vigilantes, but he didn't have a problem with a camera being used on poor, innocent children in the bathroom or using one to invade the privacy of his daughter in law. He is a weak, little rat - I hope he is scared for the rest of his life.

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