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    Tim Bosma, Laura Babcock, and Wayne Millard murder investigation press conference videos and transcripts.

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    May 10, 2013 Hamilton Police Update on Tim Bosma Disappearance

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    May 9, 2013 Bosma Family Speaks at Press Conference

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    May 11, 2013 Hamilton Police Update

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9303kAwlUvA"]Chief De Caire speaks at Bosma arrest press conference - YouTube[/ame]
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    Always give generously of yourself to support your beliefs. And when you're knocked down, give more.

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    May 14, 2013 - Tim Bosma Homicide

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ny87BjsZuv0"]Hamilton Police Media Conference - Investigative Briefing for Tuesday, May 14, 2013 (Afternoon) - YouTube[/ame]
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    Always give generously of yourself to support your beliefs. And when you're knocked down, give more.

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    June 14, 2013 Toronto Police Service - Laura Babcock and Wayne Millard

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    Press conference April 4 2014:

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    May 10, 2013 Hamilton Police PC Transcript

    Here's a transcript of the presser from the 10th because I hate watching videos
    GS: Good morning everybody I'm Greg Slack, the media relations officer for the HPS. The purpose of today's briefing is to bring forward current developments, and updates in the missing persons case of Timothy Bosma. There will be words from the investigative command staff, starting with Superintendent Dan Kinsella of the Investigative Services division, as well followed by lead detective, Detective Sergeant Matt Kavanaugh. Following their statements there will be a brief question and answer period, monitored by myself so, to begin today, I call upon Superintendent Dan Kinsella.

    DK: Good morning, and thank you to the media for your coverage, and thank you to the public, for your assistance, in the missing person investigation of Tim Bosma. As you are aware, Homicide investigator Detective Sergeant Matt Kavanaugh leads our investigative team. The HPS was notified of Tim Bosma's disappearance by his wife Sharlene on May 6. Division 3 detectives immediately began an investigation. Due to the unusual nature of the disappearance, the Homicide unit took over the investigation. Over 150 officers from this service, have been committed to ground search, air search, and investigation. In this investigation we have utilized ground search and rescue, divisional patrol, mounted and canine units, action officers, and we have assigned detectives from across the service to the Homicide investigative team. We have also been assisted by the OPP. We will continue to commit any and all resources required by the investigative team. detective Sergeant Matt Kavanaugh will now provide you with an update.

    MK: This investigation has had some developments. Our police service is requesting the assistance of the public in this matter.

    First, late yesterday afternoon, Mr. Bosma's cell phone was recovered in an industrial area of west Brantford.

    Last night police conducted a ground search of this area. It was a very large area, however nothing further of Mr. Bosma's was found.

    Second, police received information that Mr. Bosma's vehicle was seen at approximately 10:10 pm in the downtown area of the city of Brantford, on Monday May 6. Police do not know the route that Mr. Bosma's truck went through city of Brantford. As video evidence is an important investigative tool in any investigation, police are requesting the following from the businesses of the city of Brantford. Police are asking that individuals and businesses in the city of Brantford who have video surveillance, check that surveillance footage for Monday May 6 between the hours of 9:30 pm and 10:30 pm for any type of activity. This is an important piece of the investigation. This would have been a time when most of those businesses were closed.

    Yesterday, investigators working on this case received the results of a production order for the cellular telephone of the man that contacted Mr. Bosma. From the cellular records and interviews police have found that these two same individuals that attended Mr. Bosma's house test drove a similar type of vehicle in the city of Toronto on May 5, in the middle of the day. The owner of this vehicle was not harmed.

    The owner was able to provide a description of the two males. This description of the two males matched the description provided by Mrs. Bosma. As well, the vehicle owner from Toronto was able to add a description of the first male. And I'll describe this first male:

    Male white, 6'1" to 6'2", 170 to 180 pounds, in his mid 20's, light to medium short brown hair, unshaven, wearing blue jeans, long sleeved orange shirt and running shoes. The gentleman in Toronto described it as a short sleeved shirt when he saw him. The gentleman from Toronto described, and added to this description, on one of his wrists, he wasn't if it was a left or right, where a person wears a watch, was the word "ambition". There was a box tattooed, framing the outside of the word "ambition" and it would have been in the same direction as one wears a watch.

    Police have researched this tattoo. This tattoo itself is not uncommon. Many people have the word "ambition" tattooed on their body. However, the location and the frame around it is unique. This male has not been identified as yet. There is no further description of the second male.

    Due to the overwhelming response from the public, thanks to the media, police have had to set up a tip line to answer all the tips. Police are asking now that anyone with information regarding Mr. Bosma's location or the identity of either one of these males, to contract the tip line at 905 546-2100 or to call Crimestoppers.

    6:30 Q&A starts
    Q: Detective Sergeant, do think that TB is still alive?

    MK: We always have to hold out hope. That's all I can say.

    Q: Have you been able to get the IP addresses of people who accessed those online ads that he had posted...and narrow it down to Monday perhaps?

    MK: I'm not sure you were here for the earlier briefings. Mr. Bosma posted his cellular telephone on the advertisement. Therefore no one has to go into the computer into that ad to answer the ad. They can take the phone number off and simply call it.

    Q: Oh, from like the homepage?

    MK: That's correct.

    Q: Was the truck in Toronto, was it stolen in the end, or did the person you phoned still have it?

    MK: The person still has that truck. And again, it was a Dodge Ram 3500 Diesel.

    Q: Is there any indication that Mr. Bosma's past, might have something to do, any kind indication about somebody that he might have known, or anything like that?

    MK: At this point in the investigation there is nothing in Mr. Bosma's past, or Mrs. Bosma's past, would indicate anything relevant to this investigation.

    Q: Can you tell us a little bit more about the Toronto test drive. Was it the same scenario where they met this person at his or her home, took the car for a test drive, then brought it back, or what happened?

    MK: It was almost an identical scenario, in the fact that two individuals, walked up to this male's business, not having a vehicle, the test drive was the same, one, the taller individual in the driver's seat, the potential victim in the passenger's seat, and one male behind him.

    Q: And they returned him to his business?

    MK: Yes.

    Q: Did he find them suspicious in any way? Did anything trigger with him that that day that was unusual?

    MK: Yes he did. Yes, I'm going to say yes he found them suspicious.

    Q: Did he contact you or did somebody else find him and get a hold...how did you find this? Did you track him down yourself? The man in Toronto, sorry.

    MK: I've already talked about this in the media release from the work of the investigators, yesterday we received a production orders, so that's the same as a warrant, and we...on that cellular phone number that contacted Mr. Bosma, and that's how that individual was found.

    Q: Now was there a third person involved in Toronto? How did the two men arrive at the Toronto location? Did they drive themselves there, or did somebody drop them off, and what can you say about what happened at the Bosma residence.

    MK: As I say in the Toronto scenario, the complainant or the witness in this case, saw two individuals walk up to his business. He asked how they arrived, and they said they walked there. And the Bosma case, there was no other vehicle saw [sic] at the Bosma house, and we can only presume that there was a vehicle in the area.

    Q: The cellphone number didn't give you any, or the records, didn't give you any other information about one of the suspects.

    MK: I'm not sure what you mean sir.

    Q: Sorry, the production order, how you tracked the number that called, there was no other information available about who the suspect is and where he might have come from?

    MK: No, this phone was only on for 3 months, activated for 3 months. The cellular location, we also have cell tower locations, on that phone. Many of the calls originated from the Etobicoke area of Toronto. However, different parts of Etobicoke. So I don't know if that indicated that the individual is transient, but different tower location in the city of Etobicoke. But since Mr. Bosma, this phone has been turned off and has not been used.

    Q: Who holds the contract on the phone?

    Q: You're still waiting for video from Brantford. Will there be a search moved to the Brantford area at this point?

    MK: Brantford Police is assisting. They know the city better than our service, they're helping us quite a bit, and they're organizing a search now of different areas of different industrial sites.

    Q: Who owns the contract for the phone?

    MK: I'm not sure what you mean by that.

    Q: 'Cause, you have to sign a contract...or, is it a stolen phone, there's gotta be someone that's connected...

    MK: And again, I am sure you missed the first two media briefings, this phone, a bogus name was used in this phone, and that's not unusual in any type of activity.

    Q: Are you guys looking at the same truck that's been for sale all the time? Are you looking at other people who are selling Dodge Rams, and why that particular car, I mean if it's malicious then why aren't they looking for other cars, like approaching people who are selling [mumble] or something else?

    MK: Well first of all the information we get as a police service, a lot of it came from this production order. And the phone numbers gained from that production order, showed us who this individual has contacted, and those are the people we have been contacting. And secondly, are they targeting a type of vehicle?

    Q: Yeah, are you guys looking at anybody else that's selling that vehicle, are you calling them and asking them if anyone else has come and approached them?

    MK: It's part of the investigation sir, yes.

    Q: Can you tell us were there any phone calls made on TB's cell that you found after he disappeared, and whereabouts can you narrow down what area in Toronto that this other man was with the suspects?

    MK: OK, you've asked a couple questions here. First Mr. Bosma's cell phone. As already indicated, Mr. Bosma's cell phone was turned off shortly after 10:00, and never activated again. As far as the individual in Toronto, the complainant, he was near the Etobicoke area.

    Q: The contact from the Toronto individual, did he have any cellphone contact with these men, and were you pursuing that, and what was it that he found suspicious about this pair?

    MK: The gentleman from Toronto advertised his vehicle in the same way Mr. Bosma did, by internet. It was the same type of vehicle, it was a newer vehicle. What he found suspicious is what I've already talked about, and the fact that two individuals walk up to an industrial area, which is a ways from a residential areas, they walk up without a vehicle, and their interest in the vehicle, he thought was odd because of the size of the vehicle, it's more of a business vehicle than a personal vehicle.

    Q: So do you have a computer track now, on these guys answer his ad by computer, did they have any contact with them before they walked up?

    MK: Well the production order showed that they answered by cellphone.

    Q: And you are pursuing that I take it, that cellphone?

    MK: That's what the production order is. We've already done that.

    Q: They'd called him and said, we're coming to come by and look at the truck. Then it was just suspicious that they'd walked up.

    MK: They'd walked up, and yes.

    Q: And did he do anything to act on his suspicions, once he was suspicious, did he cut the test drive short, did he tell them bring me back to my business, did he pick up his phone and call somebody, or, you know, so that they would, maybe, rethink what they were planning on doing?

    MK: No he didn't. I think fortunately for this person, he's a very large individual, I think he would have overpowered the both of them, and I think that was his advantage.

    Q: So again, it was Mr. Bosma's cellphone that was found in this industrial area?

    MK: That is correct.

    Q: And can you give us the description of the two individuals again, and or at least the one individual with the tattoo?

    MK: It's the the media release that you've...

    Q: Sorry, the top of the press conference was cut off for our viewers. It's CP24.

    MK: OK. The male described as, the first male is described as 6'1" to 6'2", 170 to 180 pounds, in his mid 20's, light to medium short brown hair, unshaven, wearing blue jeans, a long sleeved orange shirt, and running shoes. From the second person that we just interviewed, he observed this male with a short sleeved shirt on. He observed several tattoos on his arms, that he cannot remember, except for one: on one of his wrists, either the left or the right, where a person wears a wristwatch, was the word "ambition". There was a box tattooed framing the outside of the word "ambition". Police investigators have researched this tattoo, and the tattoo itself is not uncommon, but the location of the tattoo is very unique. This male has not been identified yet.

    Q: Based on your conversation with that individual who you tracked down through that cellphone, are you able to narrow down perhaps why Mr. Bosma was taken by these individuals, was there a motive perhaps?

    MK: We don't have that yet, no.

    GS: Time for a couple more questions everybody so if [mumble]

    Q: Further to that I was going to say it seems like a strange way to steal a vehicle they're not...way to steal a vehicle is, I think there's more to this that just a vehicle that...

    MK: Well I think that's why this is creating so much media attention because of the uniqueness of this case. And yes, it is very unusual. and that's all we have right now.

    Q: Detective Sergeant, what would you say, I mean usually in these cases there's at least one person out there that knows what happened who would know who these people are, perhaps these guys were planning on stealing a car, something went wrong, and, you know, maybe one of them has a conscience, what would you say to them right now to appeal to somebody's conscience, to put Sharlene and her family's fears and grief at ease?

    MK: Well this is a case that has upset several communities in Ontario and probably across Canada. And these individuals, they will be identified, by the public, they will be identified. And I suggest that people that have knowledge, to come forward, either to call Crimestoppers, or call the tip line, and identify these individuals.

    Q: What is the minimum you're looking for, for video? If somebody looks at their video, and they're not quite sure what they're looking for. Can you describe what they should be looking for in reviewing their video?

    MK: They should be looking for any type of activity with individuals or a vehicle during those time periods I already said, Monday May 6, between 9:30 at night and 10:30 at night.

    Q: Sorry, what did Tim do for a living? What does he do for a living?

    MK: Tim is self employed.

    Q: In what kind of industry?

    MK: It's construction industry.

    Q: You said that there was an eyewitness who saw the truck driving through Brantford on Monday...?

    MK: No I didn't, I said information...that the truck was...

    Q: What, ok what sir, an eyewitness that actually saw the truck driving through?

    MK: The information we have, we're working on that right now, to provide, to get a statement from that person.

    Q: And did they note how many people were in the truck?

    MK: No they didn't.

    Q: Did the suspects arrive at the Toronto location during the daytime, business hours?

    MK: The middle of the day I've already said in the report. OK, I think that's it.

    Q: Can you give us any more information on what made that Toronto man suspicious of these two men, anything they did in particular that...?

    MK: I'm not going to go into that right now. OK, thank you. Thank you.
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    HPS presser from Wednesday May 8 at 11:00 AM
    Hamilton Police Press Conference - Disappearance of Tim Bosma - YouTube

    CBCHamilton ‏@CBCHamilton May 8

    We'll carry @JoeyColeman live stream from #HamOnt police presser re: Tim Bosma. Watch here live at 11am http://cbc.sh/UGkWmIm
    (0:35) MK: Good Morning. Again I apologize for being late.

    This is regarding a missing person, TB.

    On April 28, 2013, TB posted his 2007 Dodge Ram pickup truck for sale on two different websites.

    On Monday May 6, a male party arranged by telephone to view the truck at Mr. Bosma's residence in Ancaster. At approximately 9:20 pm, Mr. Bosma went for a test drive with two young males in this pickup truck. Mr. Bosma had told his spouse that the males stated that they were from Toronto. Mr. Bosma has not been seen from, or heard from since this time.

    Police were notified of Mr. Bosma's disappearance immediately by his spouse, and the Mountain Criminal Investigation Division began an investigation late on May 6. Due to the unusual nature of this disappearance, the Homicide Unit will now take the lead in the investigation as per our policy of the HPS.

    Through witnesses, police have developed a description of the two males that Mr. Bosma was last seen with.

    The first male is described as male, white, 6'1"-6'2", 170-180 lbs, he's in his mid twenties, light to medium short brown hair, unshaven, wearing blue jeans, and a long sleeved orange shirt, and running shoes.

    The second male is also described as a male, white, approximately 5'9-5'10" tall, small to medium build, early to mid 20's, he was wearing a - sorry, he had dark hair, he was wearing a red hooded sweatshirt, the hood was up over his head.

    These males were last seen in Mr. Bosma's vehicle described as a 2007 Dodge Ram pickup, black in colour, with Ontario licence plate 726-7ZW.

    Police are asking anyone with information regarding Mr. Bosma's location are asked to contact detective Greg Rizoniak of the Homicide unit at 905-546-4863, or to call Crimestoppers with any information.

    Thank you. (3:19)

    Q: When did you develop that profile or description of the two suspects?

    MK: Last night (5/7/2013)

    Q: Was it, why was it held back from the media?

    MK: It wasn't held back from the media. It was developed last night and this is the first opportunity we've had to release it.

    Q: Will you put out photos, or images?

    MK: Of?

    Q: Of your suspects.

    MK: Right now, there is no video evidence.

    Q: Will you be making drawings?

    MK: Making drawings? Uh...I haven't talked to my ident about that, but that, that is possible, yes.

    Q: Which two websites was the truck posted on?

    MK: Kijiji, and Auto Trader

    Q: What about the third male that apparently dropped the other two off? Was there any information about them?

    MK: Uh, I'm not sure where you're getting that from. It is possible that other people are involved and we know nothing about those people. Right now all we have is this description of these two suspects that attended the residence.

    Q: Was there a car on anything there that they might have left, like to get there, because they're from Toronto?

    MK: The residence, the spouse did not see any other vehicle.

    Q: How many people came to the house?

    MK: Two.

    Q: Only two?

    MK: Yes.

    Q: And did she see them?

    MK: Yes she did.

    Q: What is HPS's policy for getting the Homicide Squad involved?

    MK: As I already said in the beginning of this media release, if it's an unusual missing person, then we are to be involved. And this has unusual circumstances right at the onset, so we got involved yesterday, last night.

    Q: Any sign yet or information at all concerning the truck?

    MK: None at all. It's been flagged at the border, it been put out through all police agencies and of course the media, and hopefully someone locates this vehicle.

    Q: Are we to assume the suspects are back in Toronto?

    MK: No, we're not. I uh, the information that we had for Mr. Bosma, he relayed to his spouse that they were from the Toronto area, I can't confirm that either way, if they were from there or not.

    Q: Have you been able to get into the account to see any email addresses or anything like that?

    MK: Unfortunately in this case Mr. Bosma had put his own phone number on the websites, so therefore the people called him directly, and there is no information from the computers to be gained.

    Q: Did he have his phone with him at the time of his disappearance?

    MK: Yes he did.

    Q: Were you able to trace that or did you get any calls from it?

    MK: It's been turned off, but yes we have some data from it.

    Q: What kind of searches will you be carrying out?

    MK: Well last night as well as all yesterday and today and we expect tomorrow, if nothing's found, we have a ground search that includes out K9 Unit, and it includes the OPP officers, includes our search and rescue team, and it's up to the search coordinator but there are other resources that are available to him, such as an OPP plane.

    Q: Where is this happening?

    MK: This is in the Ancaster to Brantford area.

    Q: How can the public help?

    MK: Just contact detective Rizoniak or Crimestoppers, with any information at all about the description of these two male parties, or anything if they see Mr. Bosma's truck. I realize that this is a very common vehicle, and the only difference is that this is a very large vehicle, it's a 3500, which is a work vehicle, and it's also a Diesel truck, so, any information they can provide.

    Q: Did Bosma tell his wife where they were heading for the drive? I mean like down the street, anything like that?

    MK: I don't believe Mr. Bosma knew. It was just for a test drive and they were going out.

    Q: What time was the cell phone turned off, do you know?

    MK: Uh, I'm not going to say that.

    GS: We have time for just a couple more questions, then uh...

    MK: But it was turned off.

    Q: So is this a missing persons case or a murder investigation?

    MK: This is a missing persons rep...investigation, with unusual circumstances. I think I've already speck, spoke that.

    Q: We're learning the last two, well the two websites, because they are so vastly used by many people, should the public be looking for certain things that might pop up again, on these two websites?

    MK: Oh definitely, the description of these males, if a male calls them to see their pickup, obviously these males and the evidence we have so far, they were targeting a certain type of vehicle, and it was a Dodge Ram 3500, so if they have that type of vehicle for sale, they are to beware. And, use more common sense, as far as you know to give these people your home address, possibly meet them somewhere in the middle of the day, and not in a rural location. Just for their own safety.

    Q: So this truck you think is the target and not Bosma specifically?

    MK: That's correct. Thank you.
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    May 14 DP speaks to the elevation of charges against DM, from DP's YouTube channel
    Deepak Paradkar speaks about his client Dellen Millard - YouTube

    DP: Can't report what's happened in court obviously as you know. A brief meeting with the crown attorney, brief appearance in court, he's coming back in June, it's going to be a long time before we get disclosure, it's an ongoing case, there may be one or more suspects, from what I understand, multiple suspects, so, we're interested in getting all that information before we go forward.

    Reporter: What's your client say about the charges? Is your client cooperating with police?

    DP: He's executing his constitutional right to remain silent.

    Reporter: What's he saying about these new charges? What's his reaction to the charges, the murder charges?

    DP: Extremely concerned at the elevation of the charges. He is presumed innocent, we are defending it, we're going to plead not guilty, there is a story behind this obviously that I can't get into obviously it's more than it appears to be.

    Reporter: Please describe his state of mind? How is he right now?

    DP: State of mind is, he's not somebody who's been in jail or used to jail. He's very very concerned and distraught and knows it's a long haul, and steeling his mind to that. He's a bit of a philosopher by way of nature and background and reading, and he's taking this one step at a time.

    Reporter: [mumble] your client was framed for this? What's the story?

    DP: I can't get into the framing aspect, the police will, we're really are waiting for the police investigation to be completed. There are other suspects out there, my understanding, once they've been apprehended I think we'll get a fuller picture of what's going on.

    Reporter: Is you client helping police find those suspects?

    DP: The police have their information, they've been doing investigation, they have their leads, so we're leaving it to the police.

    Reporter: You have to admit, the optics of this don't look too good for your suspect to the general public right now. How do you feel about that?

    DP: The way you deal with those optics is, often I get a case, it looks overwhelmingly strong at the beginning, not saying that this is, at the end of the day we have to wait for the full information to come out to really see what the real story - that's the way that I would react to that. He has - as a criminal lawyer calling is to defend such cases, although they may appear to be tough, but maybe appear to be unpopular, these are the type of cases that we're trained to do, and it's our highest calling to defend a person such as this.

    Reporter: Has he showed any reaction to the public interest in this story? There was a huge crowd in court [mumble]

    DP: He's really not concerned about he public reaction, he's more concerned about the situation with respect to Mr. Bosma, and also the situation that he finds himself in. Those are his concerns.

    Reporter: [mumble] your client has come from a wealthy background, there's been some speculation over the last couple of days that his finances weren't doing so well. Can you speak to that?

    DP: I can speak to that absolutely. His finances are fine and he's not in debt. He owns a number of properties which are paid for. He was not hurting financially, he had - the police has confirmed, he had sufficient funds to easily purchase this truck if he wished to do so.


    Reporter: Has he had family or friends either to visit him in custody, or supporters here in court today?

    DP: He's had no visitors, partially based on some advice that he's been received, legal advice.

    Reporter: And what about today, did he have any supporters in court today? Other than you?

    DP: I'm not not aware of anybody, I didn't look in the crowd, I don't know. At the end of the day, under the constitution, Canadian citizens have the right to remain silent. He could jeopardize often, even an innocent person, will remain silent for obvious reasons. Something they might say or do might inadvertently, they might find themselves in trouble, even having been innocent, so he is remaining silent.

    Reporter: Is there anything that you would like to pass on to the Bosma family who are dealing with this tragedy today?

    DP: Certainly, as a human being, condolences, I am sure my client feels extremely remorseful for what's happened, but you know we maintain his innocence, and we will defend this.

    Reporter: [mumble]

    DP: The charge was elevated to first degree murder.

    Reporter: Does he still face the other charges?

    DP: At this point they're on the same information, the same indictment, he does face the two other counts which is forcible confinement, theft over.

    Reporter: His mother now is dealing with this new information as well, as well as the Bosma family, what is...

    DP: She's completely shaken up to the point of being very...very much in shock. Very, very much in shock. Very shaken up.

    Reporter: Have you had a chance to talk with family members?

    DP: The mother I spoke of.

    Reporter: What is she saying about all of this?

    DP: She's...she's not saying anything other than being extremely shaken up that she would find her son who she has indicated to me just to have been of previous good character, a good son, a, you know, an obedient son, and someone who's always excelling at things.
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    The prisoners here call me "BigD". So I
    kind of feel like I'm writing to someone who
    has highjacked my nickname. I'm going to take
    it as a meanningful coincidence. Pleased to make
    your aquaintance!
    I've never before found myself in prison.
    It's been an uncomfortable experience so far. One
    of the worst parts has been that everyone seems
    to think I am a murderer. (Which I'm not, I go
    out of my way not to step on ants.) I always
    suspected the news papers were full of ****, but
    until recently I had no idea! Another surprise
    was how the police conduct themselves. They
    formed their theory, and then went about making
    it a reality. I'm somewhat horrified at imagining
    how many innocent people might be imprisoned
    right now. Police corruption is nothing like
    Hollywood portrayed, truth really is stranger
    than fiction.
    My closest friends and family stand by
    my side, which is really all I need. But I
    must say it is uplifting to get your letter!
    That someone out there who has not known
    me can still see what's being said about me
    just doesn't add up, gives me confidence a
    jury can see it too.

    I'd like very much to continue to
    write to you: to have your support, and to
    have a proper conversation, once I make bail.
    (Which I hope to happen in September).
    But for that to happen, I'm going to have to
    meet you in person first.
    I get two twenty minute visits per week.
    Because I only get two, you can bet one will
    be taken every week by family.
    I invite you to drop by:

    tuesday 9 am - 11 am 6 pm - 8 pm

    I look forward to meeting you Dee!

    - Dellen-(BigD)

    H.W.D.C. 165 Barton St E
    2B left Hamilton, On
    cell 7 L8L 2W8

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