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    France - 4 Paris cops accused in gang-rape of Canadian tourist, 23 April 2014

    Alleged 34 year-old victim, who is daughter of a Canadian police officer, will soon return to Canada:

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    she was NOT a criminal, just a tourist ...

    more details here:


    Sources close to the investigation said a young woman was seen entering the building in a "perky and joyful" mood, Le Monde newspaper reported.

    Hours later, orderlies standing guard outside saw a "shocked and staggered" woman coming out of the building in tears, the source said.

    She was reportedly intercepted wandering around the area by traffic officials who took her to another police station where she reported the rape.

    "She was in a state of hysteria," another source told Le Parisien newspaper. "She managed to explain that she had been raped."

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    She arrived in France on April 18 and was due to spend two weeks visiting Paris. The source said ‘she was in a state of hysteria’ when she reported the rape on Wednesday morning.

    The officers arrested are a captain, a lieutenant, a brigadier and major, and all are currently in custody pending possible criminal charges.

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    2 Paris police investigated in suspected gang rape of Canadian tourist


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    From September 2015:


    More than 100 officers and staff at Paris police headquarters have been asked to provide their own DNA samples as part of a large-scale operation to assist in a rape investigation involving a Canadian alleged victim...

    The operation was a first for the historic police station at 36 Quai des Orfèvres in central Paris...

    Ms. Obadia said four genetic profiles had been found in the woman’s clothes and bag – two belonging to officers currently under investigation, another to an officer considered a person of interest. The fourth DNA, however, has not been identified... She said the DNA collection was done at the initiative of the investigating judges, who are expected to close their probe soon.

    The woman has accused off-duty officers from an elite police unit of raping her in the premises of 36, Quai des Orfèvres, long the Parisian equivalent of London’s Scotland Yard, in April 2014 after giving her a late-night guided tour of the premises...

    The officers had met the 34-year old Canadian, whose father was a policeman, in an Irish pub opposite the building...

    Analysis of their mobile phones revealed that they had erased “explicit” videos and text messages from their mobile phones, a source close to the inquiry told AFP.

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