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  • The case for murder was demonstrated beyond a reasonable doubt

    76 30.40%
  • Murder directus -OP fired shots knowing it was RS and intended to kill her

    143 57.20%
  • Murder eventualis- OP believed it was a burglar, foresaw he would kill by shooting

    19 7.60%
  • The case for culpable homicide was proven

    33 13.20%
  • There are many holes in the case – too many unanswered questions

    20 8.00%
  • Prosecutor’s evidence and witness testimony verify OP’s version

    3 1.20%
  • The firearm charges were substantiated

    38 15.20%
  • None of the above

    1 0.40%
Multiple Choice Poll.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Interested Bystander View Post
    I totally agree but this boy seems to lead a charmed life. I have no idea what will happen and it is only my opinion that somehow he will be allowed to stay out on bail if he is allowed to appeal his sentence. I hope I am completely wrong.
    I agree..this guy always gets the red carpet treatment

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    The evidence that Reeva screamed is much stronger than the evidence that Oscar can scream like a woman. If Reeva screamed then we talking here about dolus directus - 1st Degree murder. Read more about our investigation to the evidence at truth4reeva.com.

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    Not sure where we're allowed to post this but it looks like the charmed life continues for another two months... June 13-17th is now when the sentencing is to be argued/heard.

    Pistorius's bail conditions amended
    South Africa Monday 18 April 2016 - 9:13am


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    Karma will get him in the end. Despicable creature.

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    Glad you posted this FromGermany. The Daily Mail had a similar article http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/arti...rts-claim.html

    And IMO this makes far more sense and seems to fit the whole picture of the evidence we have heard. The argument, the screams, and I was unaware of the evidence of the air rifle pellets as well as the fact that apparently the clothes Reeva was wearing do not fit with the pattern of gunshot wounds.

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    Has anyone bought the linked book here?

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    I also posted the following on yr timeline analysis...

    I think there is an even simpler explanation which creates an even tighter fit for your analysis.

    That explanation is that Mike Nhlegenthwas was not a witness to the murder at all – and that is why he never hears any shots or Reeva scream.

    Dr Stipp is timed on the same clock as Mike Nhlegenthwa so this actually provide a very accurate time of the shooting.

    i.e. sometime in the moments before 3:15:51

    Mr N actually testifies that he never hears any shots. He is instead awoken by his wife who was woken by shots. No further shots are heard. Surely it is thus strange that on the Masipa/Roux timeline, not only do the Nhlegenthwa’s not notice the second set of bangs allegedly at 3.17 but the Stipp’s also don’t report them either? Despite both sets of witnesses being direct observers and wide awake?

    So surely the simpler answer is that what Mike N actually heard was in fact Pistorius because Reeva was shot near dead by the time he woke up and begain to telephone and investigate?

    Of course this brings one squarely to the Charl Johnson 3.17 call timing issue – but his call time is
    a) Hearsay
    b) Not timed on the same security log clock
    c) accurate only to within one minute

    So for example if Johnson simply has the order mixed up and the last shots happened before his 3.17 call (surely a better explanation than having to completely reformat the Stipp’s evidence by 10 mins!) then your sequence works perfectly.

    Mr N actually fits perfectly with your argument for bats, gun, then panel broken out.

    Shots is sometime prior to 3.15.51 allowing time for Mike Stipp to get to the phone and dial at 3.16
    Bats is sometime prior to the shots

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    A ballistic expert who helped form the evidence for Oscar Pistorius' trial has said that Reeva Steenkamp was likely screaming when she was shot at four times.


    A video at link with animation re-enacting the shooting. No doubts there, prosecutor proved their case.

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    I'm kinda new to this case, but was there ever an alternative suspect presented?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ACJL View Post
    I'm kinda new to this case, but was there ever an alternative suspect presented?
    There was no question he was the shooter. He claimed it was an accident but he was convicted of murder.

    "Pistorius killed Reeva Steenkamp at his home in an upscale Pretoria neighborhood in the early hours of Valentine's Day three years ago -- a killing he says was an accident, after he mistook her for an intruder, but one the prosecution called a deliberate act after the two had an argument."

    Reply with Quote is everyone's friend
    “Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts.” Patrick Moynihan
    Note to self - just because there is bait in the water, it doesn't mean the little fishies have to bite.

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    Oh yea, I remember now. Pretty silly question.

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