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    UK - "Promising athlete" spared jail for raping child

    Last month Adam Hulin, a 19-year-old middle-distance runner from Headley in Surrey, pleaded guilty to oral rape and assault by penetration on a 12-year-old girl:

    "During conversations they had on Facebook, he asked what school year she was in and, after answering she was in Year 7, his response was 'cute'. It is the prosecution's case that Hulin was well aware of her age." ...

    After giving the girl "six to seven" shots of vodka in the car park of Chrystie Recreation Ground, they then drove to Polesden Lacey, as it was "dark and no one would see her drinking".

    "She made it quite clear she did not consent to the sexual contact," added [the prosecutor]. "But her defence was significantly compromised by the alcohol."
    Last Wednesday, the judge spared him a jail term:

    Recorder George Lawson-Rogers QC did not send the A Level student to prison, although a custodial term is within the sentencing guidelines for these offences.

    Instead, Hulin, a talented middle-distance runner with the Aldershot, Farnham and District club team, was given a community order for 12 months, with the requirement that he undertake 100 hours of unpaid work and attend six sessions focusing on 'community integration'. ...

    Mr Lawson-Rogers said: "The defendant is 19 and there is much to be said in his favour. I have heard about his background. ...

    "I certainly wouldn’t want to do anything which would prejudice his future career."
    Since the hearing, Hulin has taken to online comment sections (including the comments on the article linked above) and to his Facebook and Twitter accounts to smear the reputation of his victim, who cannot be named for legal reasons, and justify his actions:

    Last night Hulin hit back at his critics, leaving a comment on this website repeating his claim to the court that the victim had lied about her age, had consented to what happened, and even alleging that she is now pregnant with an older boy. ...

    Hulin wrote: “What is written is not true. This is a case of headline grabbing.

    “The facts are; I was lied to, about the girls age, she told me she was 16, she got her cousin to confirm that if I asked her, it was proven in court I was lied to and mislead to the girls age.

    “I cannot tell you her name or show you what she looks like, but I can tell you that you could not in anyway separate her from a 17/18 year old.

    “Secondly it was proven on court that she fully consented to the acts, there was no "rape" in my eyes at the time (me being a young, immature boy) believed this to be full lawful activity.

    “I wish this never happened, it should never have happened, but after she went bragging to her friends about what she had for upto, her mother found out and she then cried wolf, it's been a living nightmare.”
    Following a public outcry, the Attorney General has announced a review of Hulin's sentence.

    (Mods, please snip if I've quoted too much. I just wanted to convey the full horror.)

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    This is infuriating! There has to be common sense in our courtrooms...but in lieu of that, why is the sentencing for sexual assault of a child left to a judge's discretion anyway? Why is there no mandatory minimum sentence for so serious a crime? I'd like to see further legislation enacted too when a victim is disparaged, especially publicly, by their alleged attacker. We have laws protecting defendants from public commentary to ensure their right to a fair trial but victims are left to fend for themselves.

    I really hope this judge is investigated and removed from the bench.

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    Well I guess I agree he as a promising future and career ahead of him - as a pedophile! What the heck?

    Sad, sad, sad


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    It's getting worse here. No one seems to get sent to prison. When they do it's for such a ridiculous period they may as well have not bothered. What about the victims? What about other people they could be a danger to? No one seems to care. Are the prisons full? What's going on?

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