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    WITNESS THREAD: Col Michael Sales and Capt Francois Moller, cell phone analysts

    COLONEL MICHAEL SALES, cell phone analyst

    Day 13, Part 2 - 1:11:10-end

    CAPT FRANCOIS MOLLER, cell phone analyst

    Day 14, Part 3 - 11:20-end

    Day 15, Part 1 - 00:00-1:34:30

    Day 13 Video

    Day 14 Video

    Day 15 Video

    Day 13 Live Transcript

    Day 14 Live Transcript

    Day 15 Live Transcript

    Please note: When comparing witnesses' testimony to OP's version - no matter if it is used to support or impeach - please be prepared to note the video # and time stamp if asked to "link it up". That is common courtesy. It's always how we've rolled around here and that is expected. So take notes if you anticipate you will have a point to make regarding something specific.

    The video links will direct you to the post for each day in the Video Thread. Transcript links are provided for reference only, and are not verbatim and/or complete.

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    I'm not sure this post falls under any one particular thread, but I'll put it here since it involves text messages.

    Believe it or not, this is the first time I am hearing about Erin Stear? She was on the State's witness list and supposedly had been exchanging flirty text messages with OP in January/February 2013. I must be living under a rock, I had not heard about her.

    According to some articles that I found online, they supposedly either befriended each other, or possibly more, when OP and his buddy Martin Rooney took a trip to Cape Town on Jan 24-26, 2013.

    Investigators questioned her and she denied having an affair with OP, but it sounds like there were some flirty text messages between them. I'm guessing investigators may have found her from phone records.


    Unlike many posters here, I only started following the case right before trial. There is just an endless supply of "behind the scenes" stuff to dig up. I'm on a mission now to go back to the very beginning and read through all of the WS threads from 2013.
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