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    OR - Marvin Clark - Nationís Oldest Missing Person Case May Soon Be Solved

    Marvin Clark, age 75 & a former marshall, was last seen at the bus terminal in Portland, Oregon on Oct. 30, 1926 where he is believed to have taken a bus to visit his daughter. Instead, he disappeared.

    Despite that fact his daughter offered a $100 reward, Clark was never seen again.

    In 1986, loggers discovered in a remote area of Oregon a nearly complete skeleton, a loaded handgun, a few coins and shoes known as ďpolice loafers.Ē
    The state medical examiner at the time, ruled the death a suicide due to a single gunshot wound to the temple.

    n 2011, the state forensic anthropologist, Dr. Nici Vance, took a sample of the skull, which had remained in the medical examinerís storage for over two decades, and entered in into a database, the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System. That is when a possible link to Clark, the first person ever entered into the system, was made.

    Eventually, a sample of the bones was sent to University of North Texas Health Science Center for DNA analysis and living relatives of Clark were tracked down to give DNA samples for comparison.

    Results are pending.



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    Amazing. I hope there is finally some closure for the family. The DNA sample must be from some great-grands?

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    No word yet on if it is him.

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    Holy cow, so how did he go from a bus terminal in Portland to a remote area of Oregon?

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    interested to see how this plays out....I hope his family gets some closure, finally, after all these years.
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    That's cool odd he wasn't found sooner. At least he was and more then likely there will be a match.
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    His NamUs page: https://www.findthemissing.org/en/cases/14632/1

    I was trying to find an update but didn't look like there was one yet beyond that the DNA results from paternal descendants were promising but they need maternal descendant DNA to be conclusive. I hope they find an answer for this soon.

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