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    GA - Two adults & baby, 9 mos, killed in DeKalb County shootings, May 2014

    SMH I'm speechless.
    "a 19-year-old woman who may have witnessed the week-ago killing was found dead Saturday evening. They believe that was the event that may have touched off a retaliatory home invasion leading to the baby’s death. “It’s complicated,” said DeKalb Police Chief Cedric Alexander as he explained the violent timeline. “It’s insane. It’s insane.”"

    *May 3rd, 29 year old killed.
    *Possible witness, female age 19, killed- approx may 9th/10th.
    *In possible retaliation, on Saturday, May 10th, four men/teens storm a house shooting and kill 9 month old and wound three women.

    Oh BTW, Police do say that the drive by shooting that left two dead and three wounded also Saturday night was not related to this crime spree.


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    Just awful, awful, awful. How is the world (or the US) raising such morally vacuous people?

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    I watched their faces on the news tonight, a 16 year old and 19 year old who also killed someone last weekend and I wondered what makes a person lose their soul like that. Makes them able to take a life, on purpose, then do it again. Don't tell me they were or were not abused (I was. I never hurt anyone) Don't tell me the drugs made them do it. (I used drugs for decades. Never hurt anyone) Don't tell me they have been treated unfairly by society or were foster kids (I'm a foster mom. My kids are the best, most loving you could ever meet) No one is born a killer. What creates one?

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    GA - KenDarious Edwards, 9 mos, shot dead in home invasion, 10 May 2014


    What in the name of all that is holy would make someone do this!!!!

    "DeKalb County police are looking for two teens in connection with a May 3 fatal shooting that set off a murderous crime spree Saturday that left a 9-month-old boy dead."

    Teenagers. Unbelievable! Who is raising these people!

    Poor poor little guy.
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    Most likely no one is raising these kids properly.

    This is just sickening and sad.
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    We have a similar horrific case in Australia.

    Ten-month-old Zayden was found bludgeoned to death in his cot by his mother in their Long Gully home on June 15, 2012.

    Ms Williams said the fact Zayden sustained at least 25 injuries to his face, eight to his scalp and fractures to his clavicle and rib, and that a weapon was used, suggest “the prisoner was intending to kill Zayden as opposed to cause him really serious injury’’.
    “The circumstances in general … of the killing of 10-month-old Zayden we say are such that would shock the conscience of ordinary right minded people,’’ Ms Williams


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    Quote Originally Posted by ScarlettScarpetta View Post

    What in the name of all that is holy would make someone do this!!!!

    "DeKalb County police are looking for two teens in connection with a May 3 fatal shooting that set off a murderous crime spree Saturday that left a 9-month-old boy dead."

    Teenagers. Unbelievable! Who is raising these people!

    Poor poor little guy.


    No one, IMO.

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    Devin Thomas, 18, and Marco Watson, 36, were arrested for the baby’s death and for shooting his grandmother, Tracy Smith; his mother, Tanika Smith; and her best friend in a home invasion on May 10 on Lani Farm Road in Stone Mountain.

    From June 2014:
    The death of the baby was part of a string of fatal shootings that started on May 3 after a brawl at a house party at the Mountain Lake Apartments on North Hairston Road in Stone Mountain. Michael Phillips, 29, was killed in that incident.

    A week later, 19-year-old Alexis Malone, believed to be a witness in the Phillips shooting, was found shot to death at a park on Agape Way in Decatur.

    Alexander said investigators have reason to believe that Thomas may have been a friend of Malone’s and the May 10 home invasion a retaliation for her death.

    Two suspects have been charged in Malone’s death.

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    From May 2015:


    Oslushla Smith was convicted of malice murder, felony murder and aggravated assault, among other charges, in the deaths of Alexis Malone and Michael Phillips. He was sentenced to life plus 40 years in prison...

    Smith and co-defendant Cutrez Johnson were arrested at an Atlanta hotel after a long SWAT standoff. Johnson was sentenced in a separate trial to 20 years, with 15 to serve in prison.

    On May 10, 2014, two more Bloods members broke into a house on To Lani Farm Road in Stone Mountain and shot 9-month-old KenDarious Edwards Jr. to death. The victim was Smith's nephew
    From last week:


    Devin Thomas pleaded guilty to murder, multiple aggravated assault charges and a terrorism charge in exchange for a life sentence plus 20 years, and the possibility to get parole...

    Prosecutors say Thomas shot and killed Edwards in 2014 during a revenge killing at a house on To Lani Farm Road...

    Thomas was charged with murder along with 36-year-old Marco Watson. Watson remains in the Dekalb County jail awaiting his day in court.

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    Kenneth Eric Jackson is charged with ordering an inner-gang retaliation hit that killed a nine-month-old. When he allegedly ordered the hit, Jackson was behind bars in a Georgia prison...

    Jackson is allegedly Georgia's highest ranking member of the Sex Money Murder sect of the larger Bloods gang...

    Earlier that year, a young woman was killed with a rock and shot several times. “She was tracked down and she was murdered. This was part of the retaliation process,” DeKalb County District Attorney Robert James said in a Tuesday afternoon press conference.

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