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    OR - Karly Sheehan, 3, beaten to death, Corvallis, 3 June 2005

    A Corvallis man has been charged with murder in the death of a 3-year-old girl in northwest Corvallis.

    An autopsy at the state medical examiner's office showed that Karla "Karley" Elizabeth Ruth Sheehan "died as a result of trauma to the brain," Corvallis Police Capt. Ron Noble said Monday.

    The girl lived with her mother, her mother's boyfriend, Shawn Wesley Field, 33, and Field's 9-year-old daughter, Noble said.

    Field has been lodged in the Benton County jail since Friday. He was initially arrested on accusations of manufacture and delivery of a controlled substance and possession of a controlled substance

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    I'm just out of words....
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    A toddler’s last days

    This is a really twisted story and you'll have to read the whole article to understand - Did Mom do it, did Dad, or was it the boyfriend who stands trial? Was it an evil plot to gain custudy of Karly? Was Field trying to cover up being homosexual? Or is he innocent?

    Karla 'Karly' Elizabeth Ruth Sheehan = 3yo daughter of David and Brill
    David Sheehan = Karly’s father
    Sarah Brill = Karly's mother
    Shawn Wesley Field = Mother's boyfriend, Accused of torturing & killing little Karly

    Something was wrong with Karly Sheehan and her mother knew it. The 3-year-old’s hair had been falling out. She had been acting strange. Her body was bruised.

    On the morning of June 3, nearly a year ago, Karly’s eye was swollen and red. The girl was upset. Using a therapy technique she’d learned, Sarah Brill tried to get her daughter to talk about it by role playing with stuffed animals.

    The little girl asked her mother if she could “go be with Jesus.”

    The documents, recently filed by prosecutors in Benton County Circuit Court, offer the first glimpse of the toddler’s last days and characterize Field, who is accused of killing her, as an abusive, insecure con artist. Prosecutors accuse Field of scheming to get money from David Sheehan, Karly’s biological father, by “torturing” the girl, blaming Sheehan for the abuse, then attempting to gain full custody and child support payments.

    Only hours later, Brill found her daughter on the floor of Shawn Wesley Field’s northwest Corvallis home, face up, her eyes open, her breath still, according to the Benton County District Attorney’s Office.

    Karly, who was pronounced dead at the hospital, had “substantial trauma to the head, physical symptoms consistent with asphyxiation by smothering” and more than 80 bruises, many of them on her feet and head, according to court documents.

    Much more weird stuff at the link.

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    Why would her mother let her go visit this guy at all? That poor child!

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    I cannot even begin to comprehend the mentality of little Karlys Mum:

    When little Karly stays over at her Mums boyfriends house in 2004, she comes home with bruises, odd behaviour and her hair begins to fall out. Mum minimises the visits and the symptoms improve, she then eventually lets him babysit Karly again!!!!!

    Am I missing something here or am I right in thinking that the Mum is part guilty also, she might as well have said to her boyfriend "I know what you're doing to my little girl but it's ok"!

    What Mum in their right mind would carry on a relationship with this monster, if she had nipped this in the bud in 2004 this little girl would still be alive in 2006!!
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    Good grief, WTF was/is wrong with this child's "mother?" She needs to be prosecuted also for the death of her daughter.

    Twisted and sick.
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    I will never understand why a woman chooses a piece of scum like this over her own child! I wonder also what kind of abuse his own child was subjected to also. The whole thing is just to sad and unfortunatly to common.

    Old Broad
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    The mother definitely should be held responsible. Also an investigation as to why his own 9 yr old was allowed in his home. Something was wrong with this guy along time ago.

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    It wasn't like she didn't know..... Children's services had been involved once already and when they made her cut down on the visits she improved. From the article, it sounds like the boyfriend/girlfriend situation was very controlling and abusive for the mother. That is another clue she shouldn't have left her daughter with him.
    Just when I think that I have seen the most depraved things a human can do to another human, somebody posts a new story...........

    Why is it that when a custodial parent fails to provide for a child it is called neglect and is a criminal matter. But when a non custodial parent fails to provide it is called failure to support and is a civil matter?

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    Im shawn fields daughter. He never abused me so i dont understand why he would abuse karly. She was like my sister and sarah was like a secind mom. PLEASE DONT ACUSE SARAH OF THIS CRIME. she had nothing do with her daughters death. She loved her more than anything. I was there so i know the BIG details. I was at school when karly died though.

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    I was not familiar with this case at all. I can't imagine what she went through in her short little life.

    I found a link with a lot of information:


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    HOW, just HOW can this happen to a child?? What is wrong with people these days. That child should have had a chance, and she did not. I blame everyone involved in her case. They failed her. They let her slip through the cracks. Karly was a victim and everyone let her down. Makes me SICK!! How many more children have to die this way?? Neglected, unloved, forgotten, abused? I blame everyone in little Karly's life for letting her down!

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    oh my god.

    After reading about what Karly went through that's really the only thing I can say.
    R.I.P Jenni-Lyn Watson

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    This story is so sad, I ask myself why do I read these stories because in the end I feel so frustrated. I know I can't help each and every child.

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    A Benton County judge sentenced Shawn Wesley Field to more than 46 years in prison for torturing and killing a 3-year-old girl.

    Currently under appeal . . .
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