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    NC - Fatally Flawed: This state’s shoddy death investigations can miss murders


    Across North Carolina, medical examiners fail to follow crucial investigative steps, raising questions about the accuracy of thousands of death rulings...

    A Charlotte Observer investigation, entailing the most comprehensive analysis of state death rulings ever conducted, found that examiners regularly close cases without following recommended practices.

    _They don’t go to death scenes in 90 percent of cases they investigate.

    _In one of every nine deaths, they violate a state requirement to examine the bodies.

    _When an elderly person dies, they’re even more likely to take shortcuts. Since 2001, more than 40 of the state’s counties went at least three years without a single autopsy on a person 75 or older.

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    People do not take pride in their work anymore, it is all about getting paid or just laziness.Would this cause any murder convictions to be challenged?

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