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    100+ vehicles found underwater (Houston)

    Interesting article--Texas Equusearch claims that during their time helping to search for Lillian High's car in Houston waterways, they discovered 127 cars but Houston PD wants to leave them alone, claiming no funds to dredge them up: http://www.chron.com/news/houston-te...nk-5474530.php

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    Good grief! Maybe some other agency could get them out of the water. Surely there's an environmental concern.

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    The article listed above was from May 13th. Tim proposed to bring it before the city council the next Tuesday. I wonder what happened then.???
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    Texas Equusearch has done a good job of keeping their site updated with news videos, but I haven't seen any update on the report to the city council.

    Links with news videos:

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    Texas Equusearch officials said they have evidence of more than 127 cars submerged in Houston's bayous and they think some could contain the bodies of missing people, perhaps murdered or lost.
    I wonder how the friends and family members of the missing feel about the fact that their loved ones could be just RIGHT THERE and Houston PD won't do a thing about it.

    I get that times are tough financially, but there has got to be a filthy rich philanthropist or two or three that have had a loved one go missing that would be able to at least help partially fund it.

    This is how we found like six or seven people last year! They had been missing for 40 years and it turned out that they were in a lake or river all along.

    Why would anyone just say "Oh, Nope, can't do it. Not even going to try."

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    Wasn't there a case in California a few years back where they found a stolen car and then more cars in a canal, one with a body in it? It's definitely worth checking, IMO!

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    It is sad that budget constraints would prevent these cars from being brought up. I hope that at the very least tag/plate numbers make/model and location where noted somewhere so that the vehicles could be identified if they wre involved in a crime, missing persons, etc.

    I mean it is not really a natural normal occurence for a car to be submerged in a body of water. It means it was put there, either on purpose or through accident. Accidents happen but those vehicles presumably LE would know are there.

    That IMO is not that many vehicles. Which means the rest were put there purposefully. The only reasons I can think to submerge a vehicle purposefully involve criminal activity.
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    This is so bizarre. Certainly, with that many submerged cars, MANY of them contain human remains.


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    I wish they could at least try to bring up, or photograph, the license plates. I think, iirc, this was done with vehicles in Terrilynn Monette's case.

    One thing I remember reading is how many dead pitbulls are in these Houston bayous, a dumping ground for dog fighting.

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