Emmanuel Kalief Birts

Non-Family Abduction from Dallas, Texas since September 14, 1989

Age: 5 weeks -- Height: 24 inches -- Weight: 10 lbs -- Hair Color: Black -- Eye Color: Brown

Emmanuel was born at his grandmother's home in Dallas Texas, but spent a week at the hospital after birth. On August 11, he came home to live with his grandmother and mother. The next day, a woman calling herself Debra Manning came by, claiming to be a social worker from the hospital. She told them Emmanuel had an eye infection, which was true.

A month later on September 12, the woman came back and said Emmanuel may be infected with HIV. The next day, she returned with a letter supposedly from the Child Welfare Department, saying he had to go to the hospital to get tested. She said she needed to take him immediately. His mother wanted to go, but the woman made up an excuse why she couldn't. She said she would come get him the next day.

The next day, Emmanuel's mother went to the hospital to ask about Emmanuel's health. She had left him home with her mother. The woman returned during that time and took him. She promised to return by 2:00 pm but never came back. Neither of them have ever been seen again.

The abductor is a black woman in her 30s, about 5'6" and 145 pounds. Debra Manning is believed to be an alias name. CPS had not authorized Emmanuel's removal from his home for any reason.

Both of Emmanuel's parents subsequently tested negative for HIV. They also passed polygraphs regarding his disappearance. The woman calling herself Debra Manning has never been identified. Neither she nor Emmanuel has ever been found.


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