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    Ak - Robert Hansen, 1972-83

    I recently watched a movie on Netflix about this serial killer. I ran a search and did not locate a thread.

    Robert C. Hansen raped and assaulted over 30 Alaskan women and was responsible for the murder of at least 17 women. He was charged with the murder of only 4 of them. He led the police to the dumping site of 12 deceased women. One of his victims is unidentified:


    Robert Hansen - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


    Serial Killers - Robert Christian Hansen (Bob) - Documentary - YouTube

    recent news about him:


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    To big game hunter Robert Hansen, Alaska was paradise. But for his victims, it was a terrifying wilderness where no one could hear their screams.

    Hansen made a deal with police. He would admit to the four known murders, and in return could not be prosecuted for any other murder.

    He would be sentenced to life, and seemed to be certain that he wanted that.

    Police taped his confession, which lasted over 12 hours, during which he admitted to 17 murders. He also said that he had taken over 40 more women hostage during the last ten years which he had released because he believed they were honestly attracted to him.

    The ones that died were the ones that wouldn't totally submit to his demands.

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    KTVA reports 75-year-old Robert Hansen was moved from the Seward jail May 11 to receive medical attention. He’s being held in the medical segregation unit at the Anchorage Correctional Center, similar to a hospital unit within a prison...

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    Searched this thread out after watching "The Frozen Ground" about serial killer Robert Hansen. He literally took his victims out to the woods then hunted them down like wild animals. Horrible, so very, very chilling...
    That aside, the movie was very well done, especially John Cusack as Robert Hansen, very creepy and quite convincing. It's just so horrific what those poor women were subjected to.
    Well, at least they finally caught him, and he will die behind bars... At least there's that.
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    Serial Killer Robert Hansen Dies in Anchorage

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    Serial Killer Robert Hansen Dies in Anchorage
    Chris Klint Chris Klint, Senior Digital Producer
    POSTED: 11:21 AM AKDT Aug 21, 2014 UPDATED: 01:34 PM AKDT Aug 21, 2014


    The serial killer was convicted for the deaths of more than a dozen women in Alaska in the 1970s and 1980s.

    Hansen, who operated a bakery in Anchorage, became known as the "Butcher Baker" after his conviction in a February 1984 on numerous charges ranging from assault to kidnapping.

    A judge sentenced him to serve 461 years in prison, in addition to a life sentence.

    Authorities believe Hansen had at least 17 and as many as 21 victims between 1971 and 1983.
    'Frozen Ground' serial killer Hansen dead
    Laurel Andrews, Alaska Dispatch
    August 21, 2014


    “On this day we should only remember his many victims and all of their families and my heart goes out to all of them,” wrote Glenn Flothe, retired Alaska State Trooper who was instrumental in Hansen’s capture.

    “As far as Hansen is concerned, this world is better without him.” Flothe wrote. “It’s a sad day for me, for their families.”


    “He will not be missed,” said Frank Rothschild, the assistant district attorney who tried the case, from Hawaii on Thursday afternoon. “Good riddance to him.”


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    I bought The Frozen Ground on Amazon and watched it as soon as it was delivered; scary but good. It's a good thing he is gone but, like Biegenwald, he took secrets with him.

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    Just posted on NamUs an apparent victim of Hansen found April 1984.

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