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    Australia - Juanita Nielsen, 37, Kings Cross, NSW, 4 July 1975

    Juanita Nielsen disappeared from her Kings Cross apartment in early June 1975, on the way to a business appointment. While her body has never been found, it is widely believed that she was murdered, due to her opposition to proposed building developments in Kings Cross:


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    I've always been interested in this case, I used to live just around the corner from her little house .. didn't this get semi-solved .. http://www.theage.com.au/national/sa...0726-3ler.html I'm not sure if I believe everything the son of Saffron says however ..

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    "The 40-year mystery of Juanita Nielsen, the lady who vanished"

    Every Sydneysider knows her name, yet her disappearance 40 years ago this weekend remains unsolved.


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