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    Sea Lion Reacts to Little Girl Falling

    Would someone upload the video to make viewing easier for everyone?



    And from the comments, attributed to Mother Teresa:

    “Because they give everything asking for nothing back…
    Because they are defenseless amid men’s weapons and power…
    Because they are eternal children…because they don’t know hate…or war…because they don’t know about money and only seek the protection of a shelter…
    Because they explain themselves without words, because their eyes are as pure as their souls…
    Because they don’t know about envy or grudges, because forgiveness comes natural to them…
    Because they love with loyalty and truthfulness…
    Because they recognize and appreciate respect…
    Because they don’t buy love, they just expect it…
    Because they are our companions, eternal friends that never betray…
    And because they are alive. Because of this and a thousand other reasons they deserve our love!
    If we learn to love them like they deserve, for being creatures that feel, suffer and need us, we will be closer to God”.

    ~Mother Teresa

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    Here is a direct link via you tube.



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