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    I knew this was gonna happen

    Dozens of bicycles stolen from city bike-share program

    More than 40 bicycles belonging to Baltimore's Recreation and Parks department for a bike-share program were stolen this week, and the activity has been suspended indefinitely, city officials said.

    The bikes, which included children's bikes and adult-size blue beach cruisers, were stolen on Monday during the city's Ride Around the Reservoir program in Druid Hill Park. Recreation and Parks spokeswoman Gwendolyn Chambers said staff had set up the bikes to lend out when a large group of youths began stealing them. One staffer was kicked by a youth, though the injury was not serious, Chambers said.

    Read more: http://www.baltimoresun.com/news/mar...#ixzz33DMdWIjg

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    What a shame that people can't get together to do something nice without a bunch of ****s and thieves ruining it for everyone.

    I would hope that each bike would be valued enough that would be a felony to steal them. Realistically, I know that bikes are not usually valuable enough to qualify as a felony but in this case I know there has been great effort into getting the bikes, keeping them maintained and such.

    I hope in the future that the donations will be enough to get the program going and to arm the bikes with some type of security device (such as a locator like cell phones have) or something of that nature.

    In addition, anyone who is found to have stolen these bikes should have mandatory community service (picking up trash, cleaning dog kennels at the animal shelter, etc) so that they will see the value of work and have to give back to the community that they have taken from.

    I would also like them to have to pay for the stolen bikes (and then some). If they stole one bike, then they must pay back enough to buy 3 bikes.


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    people suc.

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