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    TX - Three women found murdered in Fort Worth home, 3 June 2014

    How horrible but this sounds like a very personal crime.

    The bodies of three women who had been stabbed and had their throats cut were found at a home in Fort Worth, Texas, earlier today.

    The women - two sisters and an adult daughter - were discovered by the husband of one of the victims when he got home from work after a night shift.
    When the husband, James Serrano, called 911 just after 8am he yelled: 'They killed my family.'


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    I just heard about this on the news. Why was this family murdered?
    Hope we hear more today. RIP ladies.

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    We figured it was a personal crime. Too much violence with the stabbing and shooting....crime of passion. POS.

    Fort Worth police make arrest in triple homicide.

    A man has been charged with murdering his ex-girlfriend and two other women believed to be related to her.

    The three victims were found dead in a home in the 500 block of West Felix Street on Tuesday. Two victims were shot in the head. The third was stabbed to death, police said.


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    Thank you Lucy's mom!
    I hate this type crime.

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    Hours after his ex-girlfriend, her mother and her aunt were found slain inside their south Fort Worth home, Cedric D. McGinnis Jr. posted about the ex-girlfriend’s death on his Facebook page.

    Read more here: http://www.star-telegram.com/2014/06...#storylink=cpy
    "Some circumstantial evidence is very strong, as when you find a trout in the milk."
    - Henry David Thoreau

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    From September 2015:


    McGinnis had pleaded guilty to capital murder in the robbery and slayings of his ex-girlfriend, April Serrano, 21; her sister, Kathy DeLeon, 35; and their mother, Cynthia Serrano, 48.

    As part of a plea agreement with prosecutors, state District Judge Ruben Gonzalez sentenced McGinnis to life in prison without parole.

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