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    CA - Molly Franquemont, 38, Sunnyvale, 9 March 2013


    Molly is described as a white female, 5'3" tall and 100 pounds, with brown hair and brown eyes. She has a tattoo of an Asian bird on her hip, and disappeared from Sunnyvale, CA, on March 9 of last year under suspicious circumstances.

    Cannot find any info about Molly's disappearance, until yesterday:


    Less than an hour earlier, officers had surrounded the residence in an effort to serve a search warrant and arrest Griggs in connection with the killing of a female acquaintance, Molly Franquemont, whose body hasn't been found, said Capt. Jeffrey Plecque of the Sunnyvale Department of Public Safety.

    Franquemont had lived with Griggs and was 38 years old when she was reported missing in May 2013, police said. Investigators believed that Griggs had killed Franquemont, Plecque said.

    "Based on the fact that it was a homicide investigation, yes, we definitely had concerns that there would be some difficulties encountered," Plecque told reporters.

    A wanted murder suspect is dead after an officer-involved shooting in Sunnyvale Thursday morning. Police were attempting to serve a warrant at a home off Fair Oaks and Maude Avenue but say when they arrived, the man pointed a gun and refused to drop it.

    We've learned more about the suspect, Glen Griggs. He lived at the residence for at least 17 years. In 2013, a woman moved in. Police say he killed her.

    Molly Anne Franquemont disappeared last year. On Thursday, Sunnyvale police and the SWAT team surrounded Glen Griggs' Sunnyvale home. They planned to arrest him for Franquemont's murder. But when they arrived, police say Griggs was armed.

    Griggs recently became a murder suspect stemming from the May 2013 disappearance of Molly Franquemont, who once resided with Griggs.

    Sunnyvale Public Safety Captain Jeffrey Plecque told KTVU the missing person evolved into a homicide investigation "when more information came to light that there may have been more involved with the disappearance."
    Confusion on dates. Charley Project says Molly went missing on March 9, but these MSM reports say May, so I don't know.

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    The Sunnyvale Department of Safety on Friday is expected to give a news briefing regarding the officer-involved shooting of a homicide suspect, killed as he allegedly pulled out a "long gun" as police were searching a search warrant on his home.

    Police are also expected to give more details on why they believe Gregg Griggs, 53 - killed on Thursday morning at his home - is suspected of killing Molly Anne Franquemont, 39, who used to live with Griggs but was last seen in March 2013.

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    Bad things tended to happen to Glen Griggs' girlfriends -- things that involved excessive amounts of alcohol and ended in untimely death. But it wasn't until the third woman died that foul play was suspected in any of them, and when the fourth woman he called his girlfriend was missing for a year, police concluded he was her killer.

    On the June day when Sunnyvale police intended to confront Griggs, he brandished a BB gun and officers killed him. Now they continue to sift the horrifying details of this 53-year-old handyman's past, in hopes it might lead them to Molly Franquemont's body...

    Police began investigating Franquemont's disappearance in May after a family member filed a missing persons report. Police learned that Franquemont was fearful of Griggs and had sent text messages to a friend describing his odd behavior. Her last cellphone call was on March 12, 2013.

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    In 2006, Griggs told investigators he last saw Daniel at his home on Sept. 1 of that year. Her body was found at the garbage center four days later, but the coroner could not determine when she died. A toxicology report determined Daniel’s blood alcohol content was 0.246 percent -- meaning she was severely impaired. A year earlier, Griggs called the Sunnyvale Department of Public Safety to report another woman’s death. He told the police that he found the woman, with whom he was living, in bed after he returned home from a walk. The coroner determined the woman, Beverly Donaldson, 48, died accidentally from acute ethanol intoxication.

    Another woman, Evalene Jordan, 38, died in the home where Griggs was living in Tuolumne County in October 2003. He’s the one who called the Sheriff’s Office there to report her death, which the coroner said was from natural causes. She had a 0.31 blood alcohol content...

    The affidavit also includes information about Griggs’ connection to the death of a 6-year-old Florida boy in 1980. A friend of Griggs, Larry Chartrand, confessed to strangling the boy inside a mobile home trailer, where Griggs admitted seeing the boy’s body with a belt wrapped around his neck. Griggs said he helped Chartrand dig a hole under the trailer; the boy’s body was eventually found in the hole.

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    Article from this month about how the Sunnyvale officers won't be charged with Griggs' fatal shooting. Mentions Molly:

    Franquemont had moved in with Griggs in January 2013 and was reported missing two months later, the report said.

    Before Franquemont disappeared, she told friends that Griggs was “erratic,” talked to himself about torturing other people and she feared he would kill her, according to the report.

    Throughout the remainder of 2013, Griggs had multiple contacts with officers claiming he had recently seen Franquemont and was in a relationship with her, the report said.

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