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    Management is slow but it's working /no Sunday show 6/8/14

    Hi everyone

    No Sunday Show today. Back next week

    Don't forget every Thursday I have a live true crime show on iHeart radio at 8pm

    The biggest problem my iHeart show is the live link to listen to the show is hard to find. It's in an area on iHeart.com called "[ame="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Extreme_Talk"]Extreme Talk - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia[/ame] and unless you know that you can't find the link. If you click on the Wikipedia link you have to scroll way to the bottom to find True Crime Radio. Shows you my spot in the pecking order LOL.

    So please hang on to THIS LINK and click on it every Thursday night 8 PM for True Crime Radio on iHeart.com

    To make things more confusing you have to go to a completely different link to hear past shows. So if you missed any iHeart shows CLICK HERE and listen to the archive.

    The goal is to have a full time True Crime Radio Show. So far so good as far as how management likes the show but these things take time. So until then I will do my best to provide interesting topics. If you have any suggestions please email me at triciastruecrimeradio@gmail.com

    Next Sunday 8 PM Eastern on Blog Talk Radio it's my regular true crime show 8 PM Eastern. Blogtalk makes it easy. CLCIK HERE for past and future shows.
    Thank you for all your support.
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