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    restaurant job links?

    Just want to point out Carmen had a connection to a Waffle House (WH), which has been a common thread in several missing person's and homicide cases. Truck drivers have been known to frequent them, which has lead to speculation in other cases, I can not recall the specifics. If someone else knows which other cases involved people last seen at WH please fill us in.

    "At the time of her death, she had been a waitress for about eight months at a Pizza Hut at 86th Street and Westfield Boulevard. She also had worked at a Waffle House." http://www.indystar.com/story/news/c...-huss/7903283/
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    Quote Originally Posted by bessie View Post
    I'd think you're right, and the wounds were compared to knives in the apartment, assuming the weapon was a knife.

    I thought of another possible scenario. Suppose she told the truth about washing her uniform. Did she have to use a laundry room in the complex? Could she have met up with the suspect in there? Did she recognize him because he was a neighbor? So after standing around the hot w/d's for awhile, they go to her apt to wait. Which raises another question, was her uniform found in her apartment? Clean, or dirty?

    ETA: One more thought. There's a picture of Carmen with blonde hair. I can't get to it at the moment (on my phone), but it looks as though she's sitting near a swimming pool. I wonder if that was taken at the same complex, or if not, did her complex have a swimming pool. And if so, was it customary for tenants to socialize in the evenings around the pool. I have a hunch this guy either was a tenant, or a friend of a tenant -- part of a secondary circle of friends, as indicated in the article.
    I agree. The thought I also have is, a familiar person at her property would be -Management, Maintenance, Neighbor (not to sold on that) recent Co -worker. I also would like to know was her uniform ever taken into evidence or found in a washer or dryer. This would help with timing . Due to if she was able to wash but maybe not dry or if both were done then that would account for time stamp on her whereabouts.

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    Has anyone found out if the DNA was ever funded and done and crossed thru database?

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    Have not seen if anything ever came of the DNA they were supposedly testing. I have been binge watching Cold Justice on Oxygen the past few days. So today I did tweet them Carmen for their consideration. I really hope some justice comes for Carmen Van Huss.

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    I have been following this case for quite a few years. Disappointing that there is no new leads.

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