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    MS - Angela Freeman, 17, Petal, 10 Sept 1993

    Name: Angela Lee Freeman


    Classification: Endangered Missing Child
    Date of Birth: 1976-01-16
    Date Missing: 1993-09-10
    From City/State: Petal, MS
    Missing From (Country): USA
    Age at Time of Disappearance: 17
    Gender: Female
    Race: White
    Height: 63 inches
    Weight: 108 pounds
    Hair Color: Brown
    Eye Color: Blue
    Complexion: Light

    Identifying Characteristics: Scar on left leg below the knee, four months pregnant.
    Clothing: Possibly wearing a white T-shirt with shorts or blue jeans.

    Circumstances of Disappearance: Unknown. Last seen at approximately 1:00am at the Pizza Hut located at 223 Central Ave., in Petal, MS. Her vehicle, described as a gray,1984 Honda Accent was found abandoned at the Mahned Bridge in Perry County. Angela was four months pregnant at the time of her disappearance. Foul play is suspected.

    Investigative Agency: MS District Attorneys Office
    Phone: (601) 545-1551
    Investigative Case #: PPD 602-93
    NCIC #: M-615766885



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    Have LE looked at the Father of the unborn baby.?

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    I am from the area and if I remember right, he was not a suspect. There was an article on her anniversary in the Hattiesburg American but you have to pay for archived stories so I can't post it. I seem to recall that LE thought she had been abducted and at some point driven to the coast but that could be one of those rumors you hear. I think there might also be a person of intrest but again could be rumors.
    I just looked at her site, I haven't seen it before. I get the impression the babys father is the suspect.
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    I'm confused...is this person missing or been murdered? Or do the suspect she was murdered but not recovered a body. The only reason I ask is because her site says "I was born into this world as innocent as any child, but I was killed by a coward"

    Yet the NCMEC site has an age progressed photo of her
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    It is suspected that she was murdered, but until a body shows up who knows, blood was found either in her car or on the bridge by her car.

    Sadly if she is dead she may never be found, the area she dissappeared from is heavily wooded in many areas and in the surrounding areas and many creeks and rivers surround the area.

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    Father of baby is killer ?

    If you read this VERY closely ANGELAFREEMAN.ORG it does implicate the father of the baby as her killer, and indicates they found enough blood to prove she is dead. They make reference to the fight being about the baby and that he was one of the few to know she was pregnant, and it says OUR baby, and knowing the murder was unintentional, but due to a heated fight over the baby, and stated that he once loved her enough to make love to her, and that she was very in love with him etc.... states the cops have proof like prints and all and KNOW WHO THIS MAN IS (boy then) and that they just can't find him, or her body. Read it very carefully... it is that old teen gets pregnant , boy gets scared and wants girl to have abortion ? etc.... Anyhow, I do not know why the police are not breathing down HIS PARENTS necks, until they can trace their every move and locate him ? They do not always need the body to press charges.

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    What would you like to know about Angela Freeman's case

    Dear Everyone,
    I am the websmaster of angelafreeman.org, friend of the family, and constant searcher for Angela.
    I will be happy to answer any questions about the case you have. We thought we found her in November of 2004, but sadly we missed.

    This case was screwed up by the local police from the very start. This case can be very easily solved with a little pressure from national news.

    Ask your questions, I will be happy to reply.
    Good Hunting,

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    A Petal woman who has kept the memory of her missing daughter fresh for 12 years posted bond Tuesday after being charged with trying to poison her husband.
    Stewart was jailed early Tuesday after accusations that she was trying to poison her husband, Bill Stewart Jr.

    "We were contacted by him," Petal Police Chief Lee Shelbourn said. "Allegations were made that she was attempting to poison him by placing d-Con rat poison in his medication."

    Investigators found no apparent link to the 1993 disappearance of Debra Stewart's 17-year-old daughter, Angela Freeman, Shelbourn said.
    More at link

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    how awful!! engineer...who is the prime suspect in this case? why would it be easy to solve?

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    Freeman's mother avoids prison time...

    http://www.hattiesb urgamerican. com/apps/ pbcs.dll/ article?AID= /20061121/ NEWS01/611210332

    Woman avoids prison time
    From staff reports

    A Petal woman charged with attempting to poison her husband will not serve
    any prison time.

    Debra Lynn Stewart, 48, received a suspended 10-year sentence on Sept. 26
    after pleading guilty in Forrest County Circuit Court to a charge of
    attempting to poison with intent to kill where death does not ensue.

    According to the sentencing order prepared by Circuit Judge Bob Helfrich,
    the sentence was suspended because of good behavior. One of the conditions
    of the suspended sentence is that Stewart stay at least 200 yards away from
    her husband, Bill Stewart Jr., and not try to contact him.

    Forrest/Perry County District Attorney Jon Mark Weathers said the sentence
    was recommended at the request of Stewart's husband.

    Stewart was arrested by Petal Police in February after an investigation into
    allegations that she was trying to poison her husband by putting d-Con rat
    poison in his medication.

    Investigators found no apparent link to the 1993 disappearance of Stewart's
    17-year-old daughter, Angela Freeman.

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    I doubt this is Angela, but she was the first thing I thought of when I saw this story.


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    I found this on a Topix board, what do you all think? Look at the Angela Freeman who was arrested.

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    Found the same thing. I wonder.

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    Interesting similarities. It's a shame there isn't a front-facing head shot of the young girl. The hairline is similar, but from what I can tell, the ears look different. But then again, in the old photo, the ears are partially obscured. That hairline is realllllly similar though.

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