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    Question Slogans Under Usernames

    Hi there, I'm sorry if this is really obvious and I've just missed it, but how does one put a slogan or saying under their username? (Not a signature down at the bottom, a phrase directly under the username.) Thanks for any help!

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    Go to your profile by clicking your username up top there ^^

    On the far right of the blue bar under your name is 'Customize Profile' Click that

    Then click 'Edit Your Details' (top left under 'Your Control Panel')

    Scroll down to 'Optional Information' and you should see 'Custom User Title'

    It will tell you what it is currently set as, which should be 'Registered User' below that is a box to enter your own custom title. Enter one then scroll down and hit 'Save Changes'


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    THANK YOU skibaboo!!!!!

    I would never have found that on my own. Many thanks.

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    That slogan looks very nice under your name!

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    Here's a hint, eh?
    do you need 50 posts in order to see that option? Cuz for some reason, i don't see it

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