Peter Lorang, 28, who lived alone on Cook Road in Charlton, was reported missing on Aug. 6, 2001. Twelve days later, his 1994 Chrysler convertible was towed from an Albany parking lot where it had been for several days. Hes never been seen or heard from since.
Found an archived news article from March 17, 2002, but it won't let me copy and paste any excerpts:

Part 1: Trail of Missing Man Remains Cold

Part 2: Peculiar Case of Pete Lorang Remains a Mystery

Basically, it says the last time his dad saw him, Pete had brought his new car to show off to him, was very proud of it. This was the same car found abandoned a few weeks later. Pete's last phone call was on July 31, when he set up an appointment with a customer to do some decorative airbrush painting.

On August 3, his younger brother was dropped off at Pete's home and found that his dog had been left alone for several days. There were no other signs of anything amiss, but Pete and his car were gone.

When LE searched the house after Pete was reported missing, they found a cache of guns and explosives in a second-floor workshop above the garage. The ATF issued a warrant for Pete's arrest.

Then his car was found with the door ajar just far enough that the battery had run down, but there was no blood inside or evidence of a struggle.

Charley Project:

It says his father stated that Pete was known to carry large amounts of cash, and he believes his son was mugged and killed.