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    AZ - Heather Johnson, 17, Tucson, 3 September 1985


    On September 2, 1985, Heather Johnson, 17, went to an Aerosmith/Scorpion concert in Phoenix with a male companion. She returned to Tucson and spent the night at his house. In the morning the companion went to work and when he returned home, Heather was gone.She left behind her purse and personal belongings. On December 1, 1985, hikers looking for meteorites in the dessert, found Heather Johnson's skeletal remains.

    Heather had a history of running away, drugs, and associating with the wrong crowds. She was trying to put her life together staying and training at Job Corp when she went to the concert in Phoenix.

    Three months later, on Dec. 1, 1985, hikers looking for meteorites found her skeletal remains in a remote area near Ryan Airfield.

    Johnson stood 5-foot-4-inches tall, weighed 120 pounds, had long brown hair and hazel eyes. She was last seen in the 0-to-100 block of West Laguna Street, near Glenn Street and Stone Avenue, wearing pink jogging shorts and a blue-and-white-striped tank top. No clothing was found with her remains.

    News 4 obtained crime scene photos that show the area where the remains were found. Detectives say animals had scattered other parts of the teenager's remains throughout the desert. "In reality we don't know what happened to her," Preuss told News 4.

    What investigators do know, is she had ties to people who lived or worked in Catalina, "We were told there are some people in that area who might know what happened, might have spent the morning with her. "

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    Any chance this is related to Ms Tyra's case?

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