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    CA - Greg de Villers, 26, fatally poisoned, San Diego, 6 Nov 2000

    The husband, the wife, and the lover

    November 16 2002

    Following an extraordinary trial that lasted 28 days and captured international attention, the former lover of a Melbourne toxicologist was found guilty of murder this week in a US court.

    But the verdict and trial proceedings have raised numerous questions about the toxicologist's own role in the crime.

    Michael Robertson, 32, has yet to be charged with a crime, and did not appear in the packed San Diego, California, courtroom to testify for his ex-lover, Kristin Rossum. But he figured prominently in the proceedings, as evidence suggested he might have known about the murder or helped cover it up.

    Last week spectators waited for hours outside the courtroom to get a seat. The trial had the ingredients of a Hollywood movie - sex, lies, drugs and an attractive defendant who mounted her own defence.

    But the big question was: where's Michael Robertson? Dr Robertson is one of only two people who may know exactly what happened on November 6 two years ago. Rossum, 26, is convicted of murdering her husband, Gregory de Villers, then 26, on that day and making it look like a suicide.


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    Kristin Margrethe Rossum (born October 25, 1976) is a former toxicologist convicted of the November 6, 2000 murder of her husband Greg deVillers, who died from a lethal dose of fentanyl his wife stole from the medical examiner's office where she worked. She is serving a life sentence in a California prison.

    Kristin Rossum - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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