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    VA - Robert 'Bobby' Fitzgerald, 60, Shenandoah Mtn, 12 November 2012


    Just last month, Rexrode said searchers were again on Shenandoah Mountain in hopes of finally finding evidence that might determine once and for all what became of Fitzgerald. The search, as have so many others, proved fruitless.

    The Augusta County Sheriff's Office reported Fitzgerald was on the Confederate Breastworks Trail and other trails the day of Nov. 11, 2012, hiking with a friend for about six to seven miles. During the hike, Fitzgerald lost his cell phone and a shirt. The following day, it is believed Fitzgerald returned to the mountain in search of his belongings. Unbeknownst to Fitzgerald, a Charlottesville hiker had already found his phone the day it was lost...

    Authorities found his abandoned car at the Confederate Breastworks parking lot soon after the search was initiated. Inside the car, they discovered his trail pack. It contained Power Bars, water bottles, a flashlight, and a rain poncho.

    A reward for information about the whereabouts of a missing Staunton hiker has doubled to $50,000.
    Fitzgerald is described as a white male, 60 years old, 5'11" and 160 pounds, with red hair and hazel eyes.

    NamUs listing: https://www.findthemissing.org/en/cases/18525/

    Charley Project: http://www.charleyproject.org/cases/...ld_robert.html

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    http://www.nbc29.com/story/29742723/...rom-central-va - August 2015

    The vigil featured information about the following missing people:
    - Robert Fitzgerald, missing from Staunton, Virginia since November 12, 2012

    Missing Staunton hiker's reward stays at $50,000
    Brad Zinn
    Jul 16, 2015

    A $50,000 reward for a missing Staunton man that was supposed to expire July 1 has been extended until 2017, the fifth anniversary of his disappearance, according to friends of the missing man.

    Robert "Bobby" Fitzgerald was 60 years old and in superb health when he seemingly vanished in November 2012 while hiking on Shenandoah Mountain, which is west of Staunton and sits close to the border that separates Augusta County from Highland County.

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    Shenandoah Mountain 4 Years Later: What Happened to Missing Hiker Robert Fitzgerald?


    Four years later, it is still a mystery. There have been subsequent searches that turned up nothing. A $50,000 reward that was offered in 2015 has been extended to 2017. How could someone who was an experienced hiker in an area he knew well just disappear without a trace is a question that continues to haunt many, and something that comes to mind every time Iím on Shenandoah Mountain.

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    Augusta County Law Enforcement Renewing Effort to Find Missing Man

    Shenandoah Mountain 5 Years Later: What Happened to Missing Hiker Bobby Fitzgerald?

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