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    CA - Trooper filmed 'brutally beating woman on side of CA highway" Video

    • Motorist filmed a California Highway Patrol officer chasing a woman and then beating her at least 11 times in the head on Tuesday
    • She puts up her hands to protect herself but does not appear to resist
    • The CHP later said that the officer had asked the woman to stop but she did not - so he stopped her for her own safety
    • The motorist, David Diaz, said it was 'obviously excessive force'


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    Diaz, a Los Angeles native who now lives in West LA, told the AP in a phone interview Friday that he arrived when the woman was walking off the freeway. He said she turned around only after the officer shouted something to her.
    "He agitated the situation more than helped it," said Diaz, who started filming soon after.
    The video shows the officer on top of the woman delivering blows to her face and head. She can be seen wriggling and trying to sit up.


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    This guy needs to get off the force - He gives good cops a bad name.

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    I actually had a hard time watching this the beating this woman endured was so brutal. I am glad that there are cameras all around now so these heinous incidents can be videotaped and the real criminals held accountable.

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