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    Nathan O'Brien case: Douglas Garland appears in court on murder charges
    Court case set over to Aug. 14 because Crown is waiting for disclosure

    Last Updated: Jul 16, 2014 10:34 AM MT

    Douglas Garland made his first court appearance via video link in Calgary on Wednesday on three murder charges connected with the disappearance of five-year-old Nathan O'Brien and his grandparents.

    The case has been adjourned to Aug. 14 because Crown prosecutors are still waiting for disclosure.


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    Douglas Garland makes brief court appearance in Nathan O’Brien murder case
    July 16, 2014

    Douglas Garland wore a blue jail jumpsuit and appeared via closed-circuit TV in front of a packed public gallery. He stood against the wall during his appearance and spoke with a scratchy voice.


    Allen Liknes, son of the missing couple and common-law husband of Garland’s sister Patti, said outside court his wife is “not good” after what has happened over the past two weeks.

    He thanked the police, government and community for all their tireless work in the investigation.


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    State of Being


    1960 added DG aliases
    1961 corrected Kathryn’s maiden name Prevost
    1973 DG’s parents bought the Airdrie property
    1980 DG attended Univ of Alberta (approx)
    1980 DG applied for his own SIN in his own name
    1988 charge of prohibited weapon dismissed
    1989 assault charge stayed
    1992 October charges listed in BC court registry
    1992 (correction re Can Test .. in charge of 30 not 15 employees
    1993 DG gets SIN and DL in the name of Matthew Hartley
    1998 October charges listed in BC court registry
    2000 DG released between June 19, 2000 and October 2000 after serving 1/6 of a 39 month sentence
    2005 March lawsuit, DG v. Ministry of National Revenue
    2006 FC said he carried gun because people wanted to hurt him
    2008 Corrected that Nathan O’Brien born 2008, not 2009
    2014 January FC released from prison
    June 30 CL arrival at L home
    July 2 LE says grandparents not considered suspects
    July 2 lights on in greenhouse, burning all day long
    July 7 DG’s parents’ pastor says they are doing as well as can be expected
    July 13 The Liknes home was released as a crime scene
    July 13 homicide detectives conclude 3 family members murdered
    July 14 DG re-arrested early morning hours near his parents’ farm in Airdrie
    July 14 LE presser re arrest and charges to be laid later
    July 14 DG formally charged
    July 16 second court appearance for DG
    Aug 14 third scheduled appearance for DG


    1948 Alvin Cecil Liknes born (Alvin, AL)

    1960 Douglas Robert Garland born Jan 27 1960 (DG aka Douglas Garland, Matthew Kemper Hartley, Douglas John Garland)

    1961 Kathryn Faye Prevost born (Kathryn Liknes, Kathryn, KL, KFL)

    1973 DG’s parents bought the Airdrie property, 273149 RR 291, Airdrie, AB

    1980s Alvin involved in civil lawsuit(s) in 80s and 90s

    1980s exact dates unknown, DG studied science at the Univ of Alberta with plans to become a doctor. He left school without finishing a degree (apparently caught cheating, subsequently claimed he had a nervous breakdown)

    1980 DG applied for his own SIN in his own name

    1980 October 29 Head-on collision 6 km southeast of Cardston, AB claimed the lives of Jill Lorene Hartley and Matthew Kemper Hartley

    1988 charge of prohibited weapon dismissed against DG

    1989 assault charge stayed against DG

    1989 approx year Alvin and Kathryn married (Alvin previously m. to SB)

    1990s Alvin involved in civil lawsuit(s) in 80s and 90s

    1992 October 23 drug raid at Garland farm. LE found beakers, Bunsen burners and boxes of chemicals used in the manufacture of meth. Evidence was also located at a rented facility in Crossfield, AB. DG disappeared for 7 years after the raid and assumed the identity of Matthew Kemper Hartley.

    1992 October 23 – charges listed in BC court registry under file #42183-1-H (against Douglas ROBERT Garland):

    FDA - 39(1) Traffic in a controlled drug Commit GARLAND, DOUGLAS Robert
    CCC - 353(1)(b) possessing automobile master key Commit GARLAND, DOUGLAS Robert
    CCC - 351(1) Possess break-in instrument Commit GARLAND, DOUGLAS Robert
    CCC - 351(1) Possess break-in instrument Commit GARLAND, DOUGLAS Robert
    CCC - 351(1) Possess break-in instrument Commit GARLAND, DOUGLAS Robert
    CCC - 354 Possession of property obtained by crime Commit GARLAND, DOUGLAS Robert
    CCC - 90(1) Possession of a prohibited weapon Commit GARLAND, DOUGLAS Robert

    1992 November 20 – charges listed in BC court registry under file #42183-1-H (against Douglas ROBERT Garland):

    CCC - 355(a) PSP - Over $1,000 Commit GARLAND, DOUGLAS Robert
    CCC - 355(b) PSP - Under $1,000 Commit GARLAND, DOUGLAS Robert

    1992 DG commenced working at Can Test chemical testing lab in Vancouver where he went on to supervise 30 chemists and technicians. At the same time he was also a lab auditor for the B.C. government, checking for quality assurance at various testing facilities. (Unclear if this last sentence pertains to the 1992-1997 job or the subsequent job)

    1993 DG applied for and received a SIN in the name of Matthew Hartley. Also applied for a driver's license
    under the name Matthew Hartley and conducted all his activities in Vancouver under the name Matthew Hartley

    1994 AL declared bankruptcy (business or personal?)

    1997 DG finished working at Can Test after nervous breakdown

    1998 October, DG arrested in Richmond BC in connection with a stolen tractor trailer unit

    1998 October 02 – charges listed in BC court registry under file #41250-2-C (against Douglas JOHN Garland, found by searching under the alias Matthew Hartley):

    CCC - 355(a) PSP Over $5,000 Commit GARLAND, Douglas JOHN Richmond BC
    CCC - 129(a) wilfully resisting or obstructing a peace officer Commit GARLAND, Douglas JOHN Richmond BC

    1999 May 31, DG arrested in Vancouver BC; had been working as a chemical mixer at the B.C. Institute of Technology under the name of deceased Matthew Kemper Hartley. Charges of impersonation, trafficking in a controlled substance, theft over $5,000, possession of break-in instruments, possession of property obtained by crime over $5,000 and obstructing a police officer (weapons charge dismissed?).

    2000 Alvin was the respondent in 2 civil law suits

    2000 DG was released between June 19, 2000 and October 2000 after serving 1/6 of a 39 month sentence

    2005 March, Calgary, AB, lawsuit DG v. Ministry of National Revenue, DG represented himself and won an appeal wrt whether his employment at Can Test was insurable and pensionable employment

    2006 January 2, Alvin Liknes’ daughter, EAL shot by ex-common-law husband, 61 yo Fernando Chora in Okotoks, AB. Chora (represented by Calgary lawyer, Adriano Iovinelli) was acquitted of assault, but found guilty of fleeing the scene and 2 weapons charges and sentenced to 4 years with credit for time served. During the trial, Chora told the judge that he had provided EAL with a great deal of money because of a criminal lifestyle. FC said he still carried a gun because he had enemies who may want to hurt him. He said he left that lifestyle behind when he moved out of his Kamloops BC home with EAL and moved to Vulcan AB

    2008 Nathan O’Brien born (September?)

    2008 AL’s company Blue Sky Oil and Gas Corp, involved with natural gas production, was registered in Nevada. Filings indicate Blue Sky was in merger discussions with a Florida company called Whitemark Homes Inc. As a result of the housing crash, Whitemark had proposed to take up resource development

    2009 DG's charged with "failure to yield to a pedestrian" and subsequent fine of $575

    2009 August 24, JO (nee JP-L) and RO married

    2012 KL ceased being a licenced realtor (as per Real Estate Council of Alberta in 2014 who said she had not been practising for two years)

    2012 KL declared personal bankruptcy

    2012 A Sarasota Florida-area businessmen involved with the Whitemark deal was a real estate developer with close ties to a man who was sentenced in 2012 to 3 yrs in prison for masterminding a large house-flipping fraud

    2013 DG ran his chemical manufacturing company, P2 Solutions Ltd until sometime this year

    2013 October, Alvin's son AL, said he last saw DG at his in-laws last Thanksgiving and said DG seemed a bit of a loner and didn't speak to him that much

    2013 December 5, title documents show the Liknes home was sold to a Calgary lawyer for $705,000. AL and KL continue to live in the home.


    2014 January FC released from prison

    2014 KL was involved in social media marketing, offering Search Engine Optimization services and website templates for businesses; also direct marketing for Nucerity (skincare products)

    June 11 estate sale ads started being placed in kijiji (ads placed June 11 to June 24)

    June 25 Winter Petroleum employees officially resigned on this date

    June 27 Friday, start of estate sale that was advertised as “SALE June 27,28,29th - FRIDAY 2PM-7PM, SATURDAY 8:30-4:00, SUNDAY 8:30-400”

    June 29 Winter Petroleum premises cleaned out

    June 29 locals report that the area near Parkhill neighbourhood had only a “brief spitting” of rain

    June 29 Sunday, JO attends estate sale at Liknes home with NO and his younger brother

    June 29 neighbour reports seeing AL playing in the park with NO around noon (elsewhere said NO in park and AL watching from by the garage in the back laneway)

    June 29 10:00pm approx. time JO leaves with the youngest boy and NO stays with AL and KL for a sleepover

    June 30 5:25am sunrise in Calgary

    June 30 10:00am Monday, JO returns to the Liknes house to pick up NO and nobody is at the home. She notifies LE

    June 30 10:00am Sometime in the morning after LE arrived, AL’s brother CL arrived at the home after having phoned and receiving no answer to his call(s?)

    June 30 5:15pm MT (mountain time) Amber Alert is issued

    July 1 Tuesday, AL and KL were to vacate their home at 124 38a Av SW, Calgary (to be verified whether July 1 or July 31)

    July 1, 11:00 am Investigators say they have no "significant leads" about the whereabouts of the missing family. Also that evidence at the Liknes home indicates the three family members left the residence against their will. LE ask anyone who attended the estate sale to contact them and that LE will be at Parkhill Community Centre on July 3 to meet with them. People are being asked to bring photos of what they bought to help investigators catalogue what was purchased and what remains in the house.

    July 1 2014 Police contacted 3 landfills asking for trash to be segregated

    July 1 RO sends an email late today to CTV Calgary saying that a reward will be announced Wednesday through CPS

    July 2 Wednesday, sometime after midnite and before morning, a neighbour of the Garlands is awake during the night and sees a light on in the greenhouse at the Garland farm. He says that is unusual.

    July 2 Neighbours notice that someone at the Garland property has been burning most of the day (elsewhere it said 2 days?)

    July 2 3:00pm MT (mountain time) JO and RO make public plea for the return of their son. LE say they have decided not to offer a cash reward at this time. LE also says the grandparents are not considered suspects.

    July 3 of approx. 200 people who attended sale, 80+ attended Parkhill Community Hall

    July 4 LE update says there was a violent struggle inside the Liknes home. They are searching for a green Ford F150 made in the late 1980s or early 1990s that was seen driving around the neighbourhood several times the night of the disappearance

    July 4 LE arrived at the Airdrie farm in the evening; a green truck matching the one LE is seeking is removed from the scene and POI DG is taken into custody

    July 5 Search takes place around the Liknes’ home and the park.

    July 6 DG continue search at farm but DG is released from custody. LE says he remains a POI

    July 7 DG makes first court appearance and will be back in court Wednesday, July 9

    July 7 It is announced that POI has link to Liknes family and has criminal past. (It becomes known that DG’s sister is in a CIL relationship with AL’s son AL)

    July 7 Pastor Dave Pollard of Airdrie United Church says DG’s parents are doing as well as can be expected under the circumstances

    July 8 It is said that detectives have interviewed staff of AL’s company that went bankrupt weeks before the family’s disappearance

    July 9 DG made second court appearance. Will return to court Friday July 11 when he could be released on conditions, including that he provide an address where he will be staying

    July 9 LE reveal that DG and AL had money dealings that soured and there is "bad blood" related to money between the two. They are not aware of the specifics

    July 9 LE ask property owners in rural areas outside Calgary to search their land for anything suspicious

    July 10 LE commenced search of Spyhill landfill; bags of (potential?) evidence removed by LE

    July 10 LE start search of second landfill site at 17th and 68th Street today

    July 10 RCMP Explosives disposal unit was dispatched to the Garland property in Airdrie today

    July 10 In LE presser today, they say they know who was hurt in the home

    July 10 Hundreds of people attend vigil held for the family

    July 11 DG released from custody on $750 bail with the following terms: keep the peace and be of good behaviour; must stay in province (cannot leave Alberta without permission), surrender passport within 24 hours of release, to report 3 days a week, first report to be July 15, must provide land line phone # if available to supervisor, must be home between the hours of 9 pm and 7 am each day, he is to reside at transitional housing - hotel, motel, Mustard Seed, Drop-In Centre, Salvation Army Centre of Hope, or homeless shelter, be back in court Aug. 6 at case management office, not possess ID other than his own. DG asks judge "I live on a farm, sometimes working past 9 o'clock, would residence be on the farm itself?" The judge reminds him he won't be going to the farm but to some form of transitional housing.

    July 11 LE conclude search at southeast Calgary landfill and focus their efforts on an acreage north of the city and the Spyhill Landfill site. Also have a tactical unit at the Airdrie acreage to deal with dangerous and flammable chemicals that were found on the property. Asking people/businesses/oil companies in the Airdrie and Parkhill/Stanley Park areas to check their properties for absolutely anything out of the ordinary.

    July 11 Members of Liknes family confirm in the media that beef between AL and DG was over patent filed years ago by AL; family says it was AL's invention

    July 13 The Liknes home was released as a crime scene

    July 13 time unknown, homicide detectives conclude enough evidence to determine all 3 family members murdered

    July 14 1:30 am DG re-arrested in the early morning hours near his parents’ farm in Airdrie.

    July 14 1:00 pm LE holds presser to advise that an arrest has been made and that two charges of first-degree murder (AL andKL) and one charge of second-degree murder (NO) are pending in the case. Police did not confirm the name of the suspect, but family has told media that Douglas Garland is the person. LE expect charges to be laid later today.

    July 14 DG was formally charged late tonite with 2 counts of first degree murder related to Alvin and Kathryn Liknes, and 1 count of second degree with regard to Nathan O’Brien. His next court appearance is scheduled for Wednesday, July 16

    July 16 Second court appearance for DG. Case adjourned to Aug. 14, defence (Kim Ross) awaiting disclosure

    July 31 AL and KL were to vacate their home (to be verified whether July 31 or July 1 2014)

    August 14 Third scheduled appearance for DG
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    Nathan O'Brien case: Airdrie civilian search called off over backlash
    Organizers say group got too big, too fast and they don't want to deal with online attacks

    A civilian search effort in Airdrie to help find clues in the suspected killings of Nathan O'Brien and his grandparents, Kathy and Alvin Liknes, has been called off because of what organizers are saying is negative online backlash.

    Searchers had been preparing to head out for their second effort since beginning yesterday but now say those plans will not be going ahead.

    More at link^^^

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    O’Brien/Liknes murders: Families thankful for support


    Missing Calgary family: Who were Nathan O’Brien, Alvin and Kathryn Liknes?

    Alvin, 66, was described as six feet tall with a distinctive walk. He was involved in several oil and gas companies, including Winter Petroleum Ltd., which media reports say was forced to close a few weeks ago.


    “Her siblings seem to be all forgotten in all this mess,” she said. “Kathy was an amazing sister and sister-in-law.”


    A boy who loved superheroes

    Five-year-old Nathan was the middle child of three boys.

    Days after his disappearance, Nathan’s mother Jennifer O’Brien said that her son loved to dress up so much as a superhero that she did not have to buy him clothes – just costumes.


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    Transcript of Allen Liknes speaking to media after court.
    This is not an official draft, and is not connected to any of the participants.
    This is a rough draft, and alll errors are my own.

    Allen Liknes = AL
    (Mr. Liknes is a son of Alvin Liknes. He is in a relationship with Douglas Garland's sister.)

    AL: We want to thank the city of Calgary, the Province of Alberta for all the vigils, all the support. The family has taken a lot of strength from it. And thank you for the search parties. And thanks.

    Reporter: How are you guys holding up? I think that's what we want to know.

    AL: It's, it's tough. That's all I can say.

    Reporter: Does all the balloons and all the cards...

    AL: Yes, It helps. And it's incredibly sad but it's, it helps, their support.

    Reporter: Do you need some help with searches, do you want to continue searching?

    AL: There's some search parties as far as I know in Airdrie, and it's really thankful to get out there, it's five days and…

    Reporter, Mr. Liknes, how is your common law partner doing now?

    AL: Not good. OK, thanks guys.

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    Transcript: Crown prosecutor speaks on Nathan O'Brien case
    This is not an official transcript and is not connected to any of the parties involved.
    This is a rough draft, and all the errors are my own.

    Shane Parker (SP) speaks about the case against Douglas Garland.

    Please note, the Mr. Ross referred to in this transcript is Kim Ross, who is DG's lawyer. (http://www.thestar.com/news/canada/2...r_charges.html)
    Shane G. Parker is a Crown Prosecutor. He was called to the bar in NS in 2001, in AB in 2006. He became Queen's Counsel in AG in 2013. He serves in the Special Prosecutions branch of the Dept. of Justice and Solicitor General. http://www.canadianlawlist.com/listi...parker-600465/

    SP: The first arraignment is where the accused gets to hear his charges. Mr. Ross waived those charges for today. We're still in Provincial Court so obviously nothing of any substance is gonna happen in there.

    We're waiting for disclosure from the Calgary Police Service. It normally takes about thirty days in a major crime for them to be able to get it together. It's a little more challenging in the case because of the speed of the investigation, and, really, how it's been transitioning through the course of the two weeks with co-ordinating both a homicide investigation and a missing person investigation. And, really, we've taken what would normally be a very large-scale investigation and tried to condense it down to a two week period.

    So, as a result, disclosure is usually one of those things that gets put off on the back burner. The police have been doing a very good job in this case in trying to keep up with it, but I know they're gonna need some more time.

    That being said, and, speaking with the investigators yesterday, the day before, they feel that they're confident that they can get a significant amount of disclosure, but not all of it, out for the next two, two and a half weeks. The crown then still has to look at it to make sure that we--we assess it to make sure everything that goes with it or is appropriate and then it will go to Mr. Ross.

    So, while we have August 14th as the next day for him to start to schedule things. The next thing will also be a preliminary inquiry to be scheduled. That may or may not be occurring on the 14th. We may still need another further delay on that day, but I would think the 14th is a reasonable day for us to try and at least know where we are in the process.

    Reporter: How difficult would it be to go ahead to trial without the bodies?

    SP: We've done it before, and we'll, we'll do it again. It's obviously more challenging because bodies provide a whole lot of evidence for a jury. They provide a whole lot of evidence from a forensic standpoint normally for the police, and, without that, it's--we're missing a few bullets. But, that being said, I've been the advisory of the Crown on this file since the beginning. I'm familiar with the evidence. And, I'm confident that we can make all the elements of the offence beyond a reasonable doubt.

    Reporter: What makes you hopeful that you will be able to handle this without the bodies?

    SP: I think the nature of the evidence--and, obviously today I'm not going to be going into any of the specifics about evidence, the specifics of it, but there are a number of circumstances that we've used in past cases which, I think, apply to this one as well.

    And, we still have time. We're still hopeful that the police are gonna continue on with their searches. I think the Chief of Police has already given that commitment. The investigators are certainly working tirelessly to try and continue the investigation--not only in finding bodies, but other sources of evidence as well.

    So that we're uh, this is not an investigation that's over and done with by the charges being laid. Its continuing on, and we're hoping to continue to gather more evidence.

    Reporter: Can you tell us in general about those circumstances you used in the past and just what you look for?

    SP: Sure. The circumstances we typically look for are banking activity or non-banking activity, lack of contact with people, we look at the crime scene itself. In this case, we've also looked at the fact that there's been no ransom notes provided. So we're looking at factors generally like that. We've looked at in cases that are before the courts now, and also that I've dealt with in the past.

    Reporter: Shane I don't know if you can answer this or not, but is the primary crime scene the home from where they went missing?

    SP: You know, I think there's been two primary search sites and for now those have been the focus of it. But, you know, I know Mr. Liknes was in talking to you earlier about the co-operation of the Calgary police or the citizens of Calgary, and it really has been outstanding. So, we've gotten evidence from other sources than just those two locations.

    And it really is because of the good folks, the good citizens of Calgary doing their civic duty and picking up the phone and calling the police and helping out. So I would encourarge people to continue to do that because we're getting evidence from a number of different sources. And that's really encouraging from a community standpoint.
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    Leave it to the pros: Police ask public to refrain from volunteer searches
    JULY 17, 2014

    The continued mystery of the victims’ whereabouts prompted civilian volunteers on Tuesday to begin scouring rural areas near an Airdrie acreage where police arrested Garland and conducted their own intensive search.

    However, Calgary police are discouraging civilians from continuing — saying investigators have a 30-day plan of their own derived from intelligence and evidence gathered during their homicide probe.

    “We are systematically searching locations that have a high likelihood of locating evidence utilizing officers from the CPS, RCMP and provincially-sanctioned civilian search organizations,” police said in a written statement.


    Allen Liknes continues searching for parents, Nathan O’Brien
    July 17 2014 8:25pm


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    Nathan O'Brien disappearance connected to patent dispute?

    Posted July 10, 2014

    This is not an official transcript and is not connected to any of the participants.
    This is a rough draft and all errors are my own.

    CBC News Anchor = NA CBC Reporter Terry Reith = TR Kevin Brookwell, Calgary Police Service = KB

    NA: Calgary Police offered a few new clues today about a missing five year old and his grandparents. Their investigation now includes business issues between the grandfather, Alvin Liknes, and Douglas Garland. Garland is the man still in custody police describe as a "person of interest". The CBC's Terry Reith joins us again tonight with the latest. Terry.

    TR: Kevin, it's been another dramatic yet frustrating day in the search for five year old Nathan O'Brien and his grandparents, Alvin and Kathy Liknes.

    At the farm where Douglas Garland was arrested last Friday, where he ran a drug lab in the 90's, explosives experts rolled in this morning five days after police began their search of the property.

    KB: I can confirm that a quantity of chemicals has been located at the Airdrie property. All I can say is that it has been considered dangerous and flammable in nature so we're taking precautions at that site.

    TR: Eleven days ago, five year old Nathan O'Brien, and his grandparents, Alvin and Kathy Liknes, were reported missing. Police will only say they are hopeful of finding them. And now police confirm they are investigating a business relationship between Alvin Liknes and Douglas Garland.

    KB: Yes, we have investigators looking into those allegations that there were some business issues, and, and we're dedicating a number of folks that are checking into that as well.

    TR: Meantime, the search continues: three landfill sites are being checked. Police say they have found "something" but--

    KB: We don't know if there is any relevance to this file or not, so they're just looking for anything suspicious.

    TR: Police have also combed fields and forests, knocked on doors, and appealed for help.

    KB: As the days pass, it does pose its challenges. So that's what makes it unique.

    TR: Police are still saying this is a missing persons case not a homicide, and an Amber Alert remains in effect. But tonight, in Calgary, a devastated family is finding some comfort in the candlelight vigil for the missing three. Kevin.

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    Published July 10, 2014

    New details on missing Calgary boy, grandparents

    This is not an official transcript and is not connected to any of the participants.
    It is a rough draft, and all errors are my own.

    Calgary Police Service Spokesman, Kevin Brockwell = KB

    KB: As the investigation into the disappearance of Nathan O'Brien and Kathryn and Alvin Liknes moves into the eleventh day, teams continue to search Calgary area landfills and investigators continue to ask rural property owners to check their properties for anything unusual.

    Yesterday, search teams sifted through garbage at the Spyhill Landfill site as part of a routine procedure to look for anything relevant to this ongoing investigation. Today, those teams have moved to a landfill off 17th Ave and 68th St SE. Additional search teams in partnership with the RCMP continue to cover a large area in and around the property in Airdrie in connection to this investigation.

    Officers are also going door to door at neighbouring acreages asking residents to do a thorough check of their properties. And property owners as well as businesses are being asked to do the same.

    Once again, we'd like to thank the media and the public for their assistance in this investigation, and continue to encourage anyone with information to please contact us or crime stoppers. And, tips can also be emailed to homicidetips@calgarypolice.ca.

    You can appreciate there's limited information I could probably share, but I will ask or answer whatever questions I can at this time.

    Reporter: Are there any indications that there's a meth lab or remnants of a meth lab on that property, on the property near Airdrie?

    KB: I can confirm that a quantity of chemicals has been located at the Airdrie property. All I can say is that it is considered dangerous and flammable in nature and so we're taking precautions at that site for the officers who are out there conducting a search and handling or looking at that chemical, or those chemicals. Yesterday, we had adjacent ambulances for that purpose as well as for the folks that are out in the field doing the search. Today, there are some members of our tactical unit, explosive detection folks who are chemical experts and they're out there assessing as well. But, at this time we don't know if it's chemicals that are part of a typical farm operation or chemicals that could be used for something else. Until we know that those chemicals are, we can't say and it's too early to speculate what those may be or what they may be used for.

    Reporter: Can you tell us why the landfills are being searched?

    KB: In most major crimes cases, certainly in homicides and or in missing crimes or missing persons cases like this. I can tell you in this particular incident that shortly after the disappearance was reported, we made contact with the three landfill sites in Calgary and we asked that all refuse from the Calgary and surrounding area that goes to those three landfill sites be segregated off. In the early days in the investigation, we were following up on tips that were coming in from the public, and, as part of this ongoing investigation, that we had investigators that are going through that, those landfill sites in the area that had been segregated off to see if there's anything suspicious that may or may not be related to this file. So, that's the process that they're going through at this time.

    Reporter: So, there was nothing significant that was leading you actually to the landfill, it was just procedural?

    KB: Yeah. It was something that was activated the day off or the day after the disappearance.

    Reporter: Did you find anything?

    KB: There have been items that have taken, that have been taken from the landfill site, but we don't know if there is any relevance to this file or not. So, they're just looking for anything suspicious. Again, you can appreciate we're talking about all landfill that was collected for a number of days following the disappearance, so there is quite a quantity of refuse to go through. And so, it's not specific to that area, so they're going through everything and anything that might be suspicious we're taking as part of the investigation, we're having it checked. And, we don't know if it has any relevance to the file or not.

    Reporter: Are you interested in the forensics? Have you, in fact, sent it to the crime lab?

    KB: We have. Actually it's a constant process almost daily of things that we're sending up to the crime lab, still working closely with the crime lab who are expediting the work that they're doing on these items. And items are still coming back. Nothing that we can report on yet, but we are getting items back and forth every day.

    Reporter: Is there anything that you can say about the investigation of Douglas Garland?

    KB: Other than, of course, he remains a person of interest. He is still before the courts on the other matter. I understand that there are some conditions that the courts are requiring as to whether or not he is released. If he is released, he still remains a person of interest in this investigation, but he has not been formally charged. But, I can't get into specifics as to what we'll be doing as regards to the ongoing investigation and our interest in him.

    Reporter: From a police standpoint, if tomorrow he's released what happens?

    KB: He just remains a person of interest in this investigation, but I won't get into what we would doing or furthering as part of this investigation with regards to him.

    Reporter: Are you investigating into the business relationship between Mr. Garland and Alvin Liknes?

    KB: I can tell you that there are some, there are some business issues that we're looking into. I can't get into specifics as to what those are, who was involved, what they look like, or how many people are involved, but yes, we have investigators looking into those allegations that there were some business issues. And we're dedicating a number of folks that are, are checking into that as well.

    Reporter: How far, or how much would you say that the investigation has advanced in the last couple of days? Is it still moving forward?

    KB: Absolutely. In fact, we were just talking to the homicide investigators, and they said that tips are still coming in, and there were a number of investigative avenues that they're following up on. So we were we are still moving forward on this investigation.

    Reporter: Are those investigative avenues still linked to the Airdrie acreage or are you expecting to expand the search even further?

    KB: Well, no. I mean the Airdrie location is just one of the avenues that we're following up on. There are a number of other avenues. Of course, the landfill sites are a part of that investigation, but there are other things that we're following up on that have come in as a result of this investigation, and so that it does still move forward, and there are a number of things that we are still following up on.

    Reporter: Are you going to elaborate at all on what some of those leads might be?

    KB: Not at this time, no.

    Reporter: It's day eleven. Is there any kind of frustration with things?

    KB: No, I don't think there's frustration. We remain hopeful that we locate the three people. We have dedicated a lot of resources and will continue to dedicate whatever resources we need. I know we have the same commitment from the RCMP, and we will continue on for as long as we need to on this investigation.

    Reporter: Will you be looking into other landfills out in the country once you're done with the three landfills in Calgary?

    KB: I can't say that for sure. I can just say that the three landfill sites in Calgary do take into account the Calgary and some other surrounding areas. So, at this time, I'm only aware of the three.

    Reporter: Yesterday, Chief Hanson said that he had offers from other police jurisdictions to dedicate officers to check their jurisdictions.

    KB: That's not uncommon. Usually in big situations, big files, big public events there's a lot of co-operation from across the country, and so it wouldn't be uncommon for other jurisdictions, and especially in Alberta, to offer up those resources. I can't say for sure at this time if we've taken them up on that, but certainly that is not uncommon. It's something that we, as the Calgary Police Service, often do as well.

    Reporter: Is this still considered a missing persons file?

    KB: Yes, it is.

    Reporter: And Amber Alert still in effect?

    KB: The Amber Alert is still in effect. I mean it's something that we assess on a day to day basis. It is a significant investigative strategy as part of this file. Tips do still come in, albeit they are slowing down from the early days when the Amber Alert was put out. But if tips are still coming in, it is very important and that information is critical for us to follow up on so until such time as we no longer get tips there, we're going to assess the Amber Alert on a day to day basis.

    Reporter: With the passage of time, what is the possibility that these people might still be alive?

    KB: I'm not gonna speculate. I'm just saying that we are hopeful that we will find them alive. And there is nothing to indicate otherwise. So, we will remain hopeful and will continue to work on this.

    Reporter: I just wanted to follow up. And you say that you stay in touch with the family? This must be a gruelling time for them. How are they doing?

    KB: Absolutely. Again, they're devastated. This is unfathomable what they're going through. I know that there's folks that are rallying behind them. Even tonight there's a candlelight vigil being organized by friends that's open to the public. So, you see a lot of community support. You see a lot of the family support. Everybody is watching this closely. Everybody wants to help. We're seeing a lot of offers for help and support from right across the city. And, that's typical of Calgary, so I know that the family appreciates that. They also appreciate the amount of resources and time that we're putting into this investigation. And so, nothing's going to change. We'll dedicate what we need to. And, as we said before, we'll continue on and no stone will be left unturned.

    Reporter: Kevin, it was my impression an you say anything more specific about your going door to door?

    KB: No. So what we said is even people in the community, around Park Hill, anybody. The amount of time it takes to check their property, rural properties. You know your property better than anybody else. You can see if anything's missing, if anything's been disturbed, if there's anything odd-- tire tracks, absolutely anything that's out of the ordinary. We would rather hear about it and follow up on it to see if there's any relevance or not. And that's what we're asking folks to do. So, take a bit of time, check your properties either in the city or rural. Businesses, some of the oil companies have well-heads, things like that. Sites that are not checked on a regular basis. So, we're asking,you know, take the time. Send folks out. Have a look around. If anything's suspicious, let us know. So, tips are still coming in, but that would be very, very helpful.

    Reporter: You've reached out to the public a number of times over this last week and a half. How do you feel about what you've gotten back from your appeals to the public?

    KB: Well, I mean that we're frustrated that we still have probably over half the folks from the estate sale that still haven't come forward. But, certainly the tips and the information that we've been receiving have been excellent, and a lot of that we're still following up on. So we'd really like anybody that hasn't talked to us yet, that was at the estate sale, just to give us a call and we'll do whatever we can to touch base with them in whatever way they need to. But, we're still waiting for half of those folks.

    Reporter: In your experience, have you seen a case like this before?

    KB: In my thirty-five years, no. And I've talked to other senior command people, senior investigators and this is a very, very unique case. But, you know, it doesn't matter, the type of case or how difficult it is. The same amount of dedication and resources and commitment to this file is given to all files, so we're just going to continue on with optimism and hope that we can still find these people.


    KB: Go ahead.

    Reporter: Why is this case so unique that you haven't seen anything like it in thirty-five years?

    KB: Oh, no. It's just the fact that we're into eleven days. We have three missing people. We're still getting some tips. There are some investigative leads that we're following up on. And, as the days pass, it does pose its challenges so that's what makes it unique. You know, a lot of files can be solved quickly. At least you have suspects that you can follow up right away, so it's unique in that way. But, again, it doesn't change how we're responding to this file or the resources that we committed to it.

    Reporter: What do you say to reassure the family?

    KB: Well, I mean we're in contact with the family every day. They're, they're happy and satisfied with the amount of resources that are being put into this. We're trying to investigate-- keep them up on the investigation as much as we can with what we can share of course. And, certainly they're very appreciative of the support that they're getting from the community. So, I think from their perspective, I believe they think that everything that can be done is being done and will continue that way.

    Reporter: You've been at that property for seven days now, are you finding anything new? Do you expect to find anything, or are you looking at what you have. I assume you've been through everything you have by this point?

    KB: Well, we still hold that property, and we'll hold it indefinitely. As more information or leads or tips come in there may be things that we need to go back and look at. So at this point, the house has been thoroughly searched. Our forensic teams have been in there. But we are not releasing the property at this point.

    Reporter: Is Doug Garland the only person of interest still?

    KB: We have a number of investigative avenues that we're following up on. He remains as a person of interest, but I won't get into anything other than other investigative avenues that we're following up on.

    Reporter: How long do you hold out hope for those people?

    KB: Hold on a second. (Indicates reporter)

    Reporter: He asked my question.

    KB: (Turns back.) Sorry.

    Reporter: How long do you hold out hope for those people?

    KB: Indefinitely. Until we get information or evidence to change that. And at this point we have not, so we are hopeful and will remain that way until something changes.

    Reporter: Can you tell us are there any other surveillance videos at all?

    KB: Not that I'm aware of. At least I've been briefed on that I can share.

    Reporter: There's other buildings and what not on that property

    KB: Oh, sorry, the house in Parkhill has been thoroughly searched. We're still in the process of searching the property, outbuildings in the Airdrie area as well as surrounding properties. So that's still ongoing.

    Reporter: How many investigators are involved? Sort of walk us through how many..

    KB: Well, and it's not just investigators. There's a number of support people. We have community partners. We have some other agencies like the RCMP. I think on any given day there's probably more than a hundred touching this file in one way or another.

    Reporter: What do you mean by community partners?

    KB: Well, Alberta Health Services for example. We have used in Calgary our partners in Calgary Search and Rescue to help us. So there are other people involved, other than Calgary Police Service members.

    Reporter: Were there any violent, signs of violence found out there on the acreage?

    KB: Yeah, I won't comment on that.

    Reporter: Have you been able to identify who the person was who was injured in the home yet?

    KB: No, I won't comment on that.

    PR: Just a couple more questions.

    Reporter: There are business and financial connections between Doug Garland and Alvin Liknes. Some things have come out about that, some details about the business.

    KB: Yeah, so we are aware of some business issues regarding the family and so we're just, we have officers or investigators that are looking a that to see if there is a connection to this disappearance.

    Reporter: Are there any more charges that will face at this time?

    KB: Not at this time that I'm aware. OK.

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    Nathan O’Brien’s grandfather had ‘petty’ dispute with Douglas Garland over patent, Calgary family says
    July 18, 2014 4:26 PM ET

    Murder victim Alvin Liknes was a businessman and inventor who had filed several patents since the mid-‘70s. His most recent inventions focused on ways to prolong the life of natural gas and oil wells by removing water.

    According to a relative of Mr. Liknes, Mr. Garland altered one of the patents and believed he should have been included as one of the inventors. Mr. Liknes paid for the work, but would not give Mr. Garland credit for the invention, said the family member, who described the dispute as “petty.”


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    Community struggles with grim puzzle of Calgary's triple homicide
    Friday, Jul. 18 2014, 9:24 PM EDT

    Douglas Garland, 54, was considered quiet, a loner. He was never seen at the bank, at local bars or shopping at the supermarket. Where most locals would honk and wave as they drove past, Doug would stare straight ahead through the steering wheel of his green Ford F-150.

    “They’re great neighbours, everyone likes them,” says Jim Nevada, a retired chuckwagon racer who lives nearby. “But no one can tell you anything about Doug except his parents. There is a big blank at the end of the road and no one can fill it, not even the neighbours.”

    Life on Range Road 291 changed forever at 1:30 a.m. on July 14. The quiet street was awash with flashing lights that night as neighbours said Mr. Garland crossed two open fields and was arrested on the porch of the home behind his family’s property.


    Much more at link^^^

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    Nathan O'Brien fundraiser held for family of boy, grandparents
    Search continues at Airdrie acerage for five-year-old and his parents, Alvin and Kathy Liknes
    Posted: Jul 19, 2014 5:19 PM MT

    After being asked not to help with the search efforts to find the bodies of a five-year-old boy and his grandparents, southern Albertans are finding new ways to help the family.

    A silent auction fundraiser at the Ramada Inn and Suites Airdrie Hotel has 100 items to bid on, as well as vendors from all over southern Alberta.

    The funds will go to Rod and Jennifer O'Brien, who have stopped working since their son, Nathan O’Brien, and their parents, Alvin and Kathy Liknes, disappeared.

    Search continues

    At the Airdrie acreage, search and rescue crews continued to look for clues that could lead them to the missing and slain family.


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    Nathan O'Brien case: Lawyers complain to police about Douglas Garland 'perp walk'
    Defence lawyers say 'media circus' unfair when suspects are considered innocent until proven guilty
    Last Updated: Jul 19, 2014 5:39 PM MT

    In a complaint to Calgary's chief of police, the Criminal Defence Lawyers' Association expressed "profound revulsion" with what it describes as a "media circus."

    For one minute and 17 seconds, Garland was walked handcuffed, with his head down as reporters peppered him with such questions as, "Mr. Garland, can you tell us what happened to Nathan O'Brien and his grandparents?"


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    Nathan O'Brien Alberta acreage search wraps up
    Police had been searching Airdrie property for 2 weeks

    Posted: Jul 20, 2014 2:04 PM MT

    The search of an acreage connected to the disappearance of a five-year-old and his grandparents is finished, say Calgary police.

    For the last two weeks, RCMP and Calgary police held the property as dozens of officers hunted for clues for the whereabouts of Nathan O'Brien and Alvin and Kathy Liknes.


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