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    Oscar Pistorius involved in nightclub brawl - 7/15/14

    I did not see another thread on this so will put it here.


    The depressed, anxious, stressed-out Oscar was out on the town with his cousin visiting the VIP section of a nightclub. There was an altercation in which Oscar was knocked over.

    Depending on whose version of the event you believe, either 1.) Oscar was just sitting there bothering no one when some guy came over to him and began harassing him about his murder trial. or 2.) Oscar was drunk off his ass, acting like an *******, and started poking the other guy in the chest. The other guy then gave Oscar a push which sent him flying into a nearby chair, and he then fell. Security guards then arrived and broke things

    Read the full story and you can decide for yourself whose version you believe.

    Here's an article that gives more details and quotes witnesses:
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    Unreal isn't he? Meanwhile the judge is deliberating while reading this news .. will do him no favours. Also where are the tears as soon as Reeva's name is mentioned? Why is he out drinking in public .. did he think people would clamour around him asking for autographs like the old days?
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    Somehow this sounds like Oscar to me:

    "Jared Mortimer however disagrees. He tells The Juice he entered the vip area of the club as he recognised one of his friends. His friend introduced him to Oscar, who seemed to recognise him from the past. “Oscar knew one of my friends and said, ‘Oh, you are the infamous Jared Mortimer.’ He immediately started talking about his friends and how they had backstabbed him. He mentioned Justin Divaris and Darren Fresco. He then mentioned one of my friends and claimed he had a lot of dirt on that person,” says Jared. He claims Oscar was drunk and very aggressive.

    And that’s when he claims things got ugly. “He was going on about how influential his family is and how connected they are. He even pulled out his phone to show me pictures of armoured cars. He said ‘My family owns SANDF. Zuma works for us. I’ll piss on Zuma.”

    "Jared claims Oscar started poking him on the chest, aggressivly pulling his neck to talk to him. “He said you’ll never get the better of me. I’ll always get the better of you.”

    Jared says he pushed Oscar and he fell down. That’s when bouncers intervened and Oscar left the club."


    Oscar's family comes forth with a statement excusing him and trying to backpedal on the "Zuma damage".

    "The statement says Oscar venturing out into a public space in the current climate and while his court case is still underway was unwise.”Those of us closet to him have been witness to his escalated sense of loneliness and isolation. This, we believe, is underlying some of his self-harming behavior"


    "He also denied insulting President Jacob Zuma or his family. “There is absolutely no truth to assertions that Oscar insulted the President or boasted about our so-called influence. Nor is the bizarre statement that our family ‘owns the SANDF.’ Oscar was at school with one of the Zuma sons and liked him a lot."
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    “My friend and I noticed that there was a scuffle just outside the VIP area of the club. At that point, we didn’t know who was involved or what was going on, so we just stood against the wall and watched out of curiosity. We then noticed that one of the guys was being dragged out by the bouncers and shortly after Oscar Pistorius followed.”

    The person says that while standing against the wall, Oscar approached them and started ‘waving his middle finger in my face.’ “It took me a few seconds to register everything but when I did, I asked him ‘who do you think you are?’

    The club-goer claims Oscar was noticeably drunk and continued to wave obscene signs right near his face. “I still don’t understand why he did that but he (Oscar) was clearly hammered so that will explain things.”

    Oscar’s spokesperson has been unavailable for comment."


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