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    TN - Betty Cleveland, 77, dies of extreme neglect, Memphis, 11 July 2014

    'An elderly womanís daughter faces charges, after the woman was found abused and neglected, to the point her legs were rotting away.

    Rose Fayne is charged with elder abuse and neglect after her 77-year-old mother, Betty Cleveland, was found with horrible injuries.'

    Fayne, of Memphis, Tenn. requested a hospice come out to take Betty in, but workers were so horrified with what they found they took the elderly woman straight to hospital instead, where she later died. Besides other injuries, 'A report showed her legs burst open and were rotting from the inside out.'

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    the nastiest part of this story is the lack of medical information.

    I have seen some pretty ugly conditions of the elderly where no neglect is involved -- just bad medical condition that defies treatment even with good home care.

    I don't doubt the story overall -- I just know first hand how these conditions can get out of hand really quickly even with excellent care.
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    i had septicemia in my 20s,the hole were it blew open, looked like a shotgun blast to my leg (i'd been clipped by a car, just internal bruizing to leg) went emergency twice just given more pain killers, my roommates took me in third time, i had 105 temp, my leg had been swollen the whole time(i don't remember) i was in lala land,no waiting in the emergency room this time, finally i ended up in hospital, lots of antibiotics plus skin graft for where leg had blown open, 6 months in hospital. This situation had only started about 6 days before, the emergency hadn't recognized the problem till 3rd time.. so i'm not so sure the daughter was neglectful jmo

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