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    NY - John 'Gus' DeFreese, 57, Hillburn, 24 April 1985


    The morning after playing the organ at a Mahwah, New Jersey, church, John "Gus" DeFreese was found dead inside his car along a mountain road in Hillburn.

    Someone he knew had stabbed him through the right side of his neck and throat with a broken beer bottle. A woman walking to work on Brandt Road found the 57-year-old father of six slumped behind the wheel of his 1976 Honda Civic...

    His killer was likely sitting in the passenger seat of the hatchback when DeFreese was stabbed with a broken beer bottle through the neck.


    Ramapo police believe DeFreese knew his killer. The Rockland medical examiner, Dr. Frederick Zugibe, said there was no evidence of a struggle in the car. DeFreese was found with his pants partly pulled down and had been drinking.

    DeFreese was found dead along Brandt Road, located off Stag Hill and one of several mountain roads that cut into areas where locals liked to hang out.

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    was his wallet missing? or just a matter of a fight? any finger prints left on the beer bottle??? If the killer broke the bottle to use as a weapon, then possibly he/she cut their hand at the time.
    was his family at church when he played the organ? or did he attend alone? possibly that is where he met up with the killer....where had he been drinking prior to his murder? and did he purchase beer at a gas station, 7-11 or maybe left a bar with a bottle or two.
    it seems like there is a potential sexual element to this.
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