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    Psychic waiter wins the lottery. Doesn't foresee sharing

    A 'psychic' waiter in York, England, had a dream he won the lottery and was holding a bundle of cash in front of his boss. Problem is, he told his restaurant boss about it and persuaded him they should buy a ticket together.

    They won 1 million ($1.7 million). But then the 'they' quickly degenerated into a court battle about 'me, me, me'.

    Boss Hayati Kucukkoylu said he paid for the ticket from the restaurant's cash register, so all the winnings were his.

    Psychic waiter Fatih Ozcan, said he actually bought the ticket and he had no idea his boss might expect a share in the cash. He didn't foresee the judge would watch surveillance tape of them buying the ticket together though......

    A judge decided they were both making a meal of the deal, and ordered the money should be split equally between the pair.


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