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    NY - Alice Lezan, 15, Manhattan, 26 September 1969


    On March 17, 1970, a boy walking in the woods off Bear Mountain Bridge Road near Camp Smith in Cortlandt came across a body in a red sleeping bag at the bottom of a 60-foot drop. He said it was tied with ropes around the ankles, waist and neck. The boy told his parents, who didn't believe him. He returned on Nov. 15, 1970, to show the body to two friends. By then, it had decomposed to a skeleton. But the boy's parents believed him this time and contacted state police. The victim was a 15-year-old Franklin Township, N.J., girl named Alice Lezan...

    Alice Lezan, a sophomore at Franklin (N.J.) High School, and her older sister liked to frequent the Port Authority bus terminal in Manhattan, where they would hang out with other teens. A man, 28 at the time, also frequented the building. He was described in police reports as "a quasi-leader of hippie types."

    Police determined Lezan had skipped school Sept. 26, 1969, and went to the Port Authority building to meet up with the man, identified as a tree surgeon from Connecticut. She was last seen later that day walking with the man near a hotel on West 48th Street. She was wearing gray-and-white dungarees and a purple shirt. Police interviewed him several times. They suspect he may have tried to lure Lezan into prostitution. However, he told other girls who police believe he prostituted that Lezan had gone home. Police do not believe Alice was ever a prostitute.

    "We're looking for anyone who may have traveled up from the city on the Palisades Parkway across the Bear Mountain Bridge who remembers seeing anything," Miller said. "Anyone who may have known her or who has information. Everything will be kept confidential." He said if there was no foul play, police want to know. "Someone saw what happened. If it was an accident, tell us. We just want to bring her some justice and peace and give her family some peace of mind."

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    There is so little information about Alice.

    Here is some information about Port Authority in the 1970's; from Wikipedia:


    "In the late 1970s and early 1980s, the area in and around the PABT was considered dangerous by police, tourists, and commuters due to high crime, prostitution, vagrant behavior, and inadequate upkeep and law enforcement in the building and nearby Times Square, especially after dark, but this is no longer the case. During 1997, the terminal was the subject of a study, coordinated by Professor Marcus Felson of Rutgers University, which identified strategic changes to the building's design and area supervision with a view to reducing crime and other problems."
    Here's a documentary with lots of photo's taken during the period from a bar across the road:


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    what a vibrant young girl---she looks like a little fire-cracker, lots of personality.......have the police spoken with this man from Conn. in later years???? Did he continue with his profession or move into another profession.
    What about the older sister--she like that PA also does she remember anything more?
    I sense that this man was the last to see her alive.......there is probably alot of evidence in the sleeping bag.
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