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    WI - Dave Schroeder, 46, Brice Prairie, 22 September 2012


    Dave Schroeder, 46, is assumed to have left his house on foot in September 2012 with no phone or wallet, wearing a blue shirt from his church, Journey Lutheran.

    Dave is 6'5" tall, 300 pounds with black/gray hair and brown eyes.
    Article from last year:


    Dave Schroeder, 45, a diabetic, has been missing for more than seven months, since he walked away from his home without his medication, wallet, or cellphone on Sept. 22...

    Additional search attempts aren’t planned, Yehle said. The search might resume when the water recedes in Brown’s Marsh and a dog trained to pinpoint human remains can be deployed, he said. A cadaver dog has shown interest in several areas but appeared to have lost the scent, Yehle said.

    The disappearance is perplexing authorities. Schroeder didn’t leave a note, and phone records hold no clues, either. “There’s no indication he planned to do this,” Yehle said.

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    Dave left his home, wife, and three kids in the afternoon on September 22 two years ago. He also left his keys, wallet, and phone behind. Any leads investigators have come up with have found no answers.

    Dave had diabetes and other health problems so doctors believe he couldn't have lived long without his medicine. The family had Dave declared dead in March so they could collect his life insurance.

    His wife stays home with their son who is disabled and been in the hospital 11 times in the past 24 months.

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    "Three years later, man’s disappearance leaves family in a pinch"


    Since Sept. 22, 2012, Karla Schroeder feels she has been living in “the land of not knowing.” That day three years ago her husband, David, went missing and has not been seen since.

    “It’s an ambiguous loss,” said Schroeder. “We don’t have any answers. It’s a speculation game; everyone can make their own guesses.”
    As time goes on in the grief cycle, Karla is remembering more of the good times and less of the trauma involve with David’s disappearance. Life changes are helping her to adjust to life without her husband. Those changes include a recent wedding of her oldest son and the arrival of another grandchild.

    “After almost three years, I’m kind of getting back to myself,” said Karla. “You continue to go on with your life, but every day you go through, it’s always in the back of your mind. Even though they may be moving on, part of survivors are still stuck.”

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    Deputies are asking duck hunters and deer hunters to be on the lookout for anything that might help them in the case.