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    OK - Dione Fox, 23, Tiawah, 1 September 1996


    Tiawah-area resident Dione Fox was declared missing after she did not attend a scheduled court appearance in 1996. Fox’s abandoned vehicle was discovered by Noel Marshal’s Office in Noel, Mo. eight months after she went missing.

    Fox was 23 years old at the time of her disappearance.

    Investigators are currently searching for her remains in the Tiawah area where she was last seen, said Rogers County Public Information Officer Jerry Smittle.

    Records show Dionne Fox and her husband Tony Fox divorced in November of 1993, the same year she got a permanent protective order against him.

    Reports show she filed a police report a few years later. It said, in part, Tony told her, “I'm going to get you in the dark when nobody's around," and he hit her and the, "kids were crying because they heard their dad say he was going to kill mommy."

    Records show Tony Fox was charged with violating the protective order and assault. He pled not guilty. A couple of weeks later, she disappeared and the charges were later dropped when she didn't show up for court.

    The Rogers County Sheriff’s Office said new evidence emerged recently... “A family that grew up without a mother, this is well worth our efforts,” said Sheriff Scott Walton.

    The search was a large effort. “We got horses, dogs, ATVs, agencies,” said Walton. Agencies from across Green Country lent a hand Monday, along with the University of Oklahoma archeology department and investigators from Missouri.

    “We are looking for several possible locations and we’re hoping to really start breaking ground here pretty quick,” said Gavin Gatrell, the Rogers County Sheriff’s Office investigator.

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    Another one we have never heard of from the area. How many more of these cases are hidden deep in local yokel files across the state? What a shame no one has been looking for her until now!

    A quote spray painted on the wall by search
    and rescue workers, Team 5, at the OKC Bombing site 4-19-1995.

    What I post are my opinions only.

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    The sheriff said it was an accumulation of small tips over time that led them to believe Fox is buried on the 20-acre property in Tiawah... The property belongs to Fox’s ex-in laws. Investigators have been here before. “It’s been looked at and revisited a few times in the past, but this is probably the most resources we’ve been able to put at it,” said Roger’s County Sheriff Scott Walton...

    Tuesday’s excessive heat impacted the search... The Roger’s County Sheriff’s Office told FOX23 the men and women who are searching are being rotated out so they can cool down and drink more water. Wagoner County Emergency Management and Claremore police donated trailers for the day so people could have an air-conditioned place to sit.

    The American Red Cross passed out food and drinks to investigators. But the heat proved to be too much for the cadaver dogs, who went home early. They sniffed out five locations on Monday and two on Tuesday, but as the temperature rose it became harder for them to smell. “They would go in for a little bit and the dogs started getting heat exhaustion. They would bring them out and we would have pools of water for them trying to keep the dogs cool,” said Smittle.

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    Tony Fox admitted his ex had a protective order against him, that he was charged for assaulting her and that after she went missing he didn’t show up for court, but those charges were eventually dismissed and Fox said there’s still a lot missing from the story...

    He said he doesn't know why law enforcement is searching his family property for Dione's remains and despite how it looks, and the rumors, he said he didn’t harm Dione...

    Even though Tony said he once offered to take a polygraph and has talked to detectives in the past, I learned he canceled an appointment with investigators Tuesday afternoon and refused to meet with them or answer questions.

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    The ex-husband of a Rogers County woman missing for nearly two decades doesn’t like the suspicions cast over him...

    Tony Fox was adamant, despite the fact that investigators are digging through his mother’s 20-acre property in Tiawah, that he had nothing to do with his ex-wife’s disappearance in 1996...

    But the Sheriff’s Office said they are confident Dione Fox is dead and did not disappear on her own. “With information that we got, that would certainly contradict a lot of information, a lot of which we can prove. So personally ... I don’t believe a word the man says,” said Rogers County Sheriff Scott Walton.

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    Rogers County Sheriff’s deputies and assisting agencies vacated a Tiawah property Friday, after no evidence or human remains were found in connection to the disappearance of a local resident that went missing in 1996. The 20-acre property was once the location of a rent house where Anthony and Dione Fox lived with their children...

    Smittle said even though authorities have vacated the search site, the investigation is not over.

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    The husband's full name is Anthony Dewayne Fox.

    She went missing in 1996, just days after her husband, Anthony Dewayne Fox, was charged with violating a protective order she had filed against him years earlier.

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